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Featured Authors -- Pour Some Sugar On It Authors

We asked the authors from the recently released Pour Some Sugar On It Anthology the following three questions:
1) What's your favorite sweet?
2) What inspired you to submit to the Pour Some Sugar On It anthology?
3) What do you do with sticky fingers?

Here are their answers:

Lee Benoit:
1) My Argentine stepdad used to make his own dulce de leche by piercing cans of sweetened condensed milk and setting them in a pan of boiling water. Ever since, I've been convinced this is the most versatile sweet around. You can dunk stuff in it (like apples and...other things), you can spread it on stuff (like toast and ...other things) and you can use it as an ingredient in a bazillion recipes. But I love licking it right off a spoon.
2) I've written a lot of gritty stories, and several where a sweet romance was shadowed within a darker storyline or world. I thought it would be fun to write a sweet story in a non-threatening setting, let the romance shine through, and get readers to smile.
3) You mean after you lick them clean?

Heidi Champa:
1) My favorite sweet is whipped cream. It's delicious on everything and has so many possibilities.
2) I was inspired to submit to 'Pour Some Sugar on It' because it sounded like a fun and sexy. The theme lends itself to so many wonderful ideas, I just thought it was too good a call to pass up.
3) What do I do with sticky fingers? Lick them, of course.

Misa Izanaki
1) It's a toss up between creme brulee and dark chocolate.
2) I've always wanted to write something sweet for Aoi and Itsuki and this seemed like the perfect anthology for something like that.
3) I usually lick them or wipe them on my jeans depending what my fingers are sticky with...

Kiernan Kelly
1) Chocolate, in particular, dark chocolate. My best case scenario would include a chocolate truffle dipped in chocolate, rolled in chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate, and served on an edible chocolate plate.
2) See answer number one. Seriously, I like watching shows about chocolatiers, and I've dabbled in making chocolate, so it was only natural for this anthology to spark my imagination.
3) Lick 'em, which becomes a problem only when they aren't my fingers.

Sean Michael:
1) Cherry Sours
2) Jim and Tanny jumped at the chance to get all covered in chocolate and dumped in front of their masters
3) That would depend entirely on who the sticky fingers belong to ;)

Emily Moreton
1) The sweet shop in the city centre where I live calls them rhubarb and custards, but they don't taste a thing like rhubarb or custard, they're just sort of fruit and sweet, green, yellow, and pink. Mysterious but yum
2) I'd just finished writing Have Hope, which has a bit of a bittersweet ending, and I wanted to write something happier. I was pondering what I could write and thought of Mal and Owen from Roll With It, who could definitely use some sweet, happy downtime. Don't ask where the banana ice cream came from though!
3) They're usually sticky with chocolate (yum!) so I have to admit, I come over like a little kid and lick them

G.R. Richards

1) Depends on the time of day. It's breakfast time at the moment, so I'll go with Toaster Strudels and Reese Puffs. Breakfast of champions!
2) I wanted to write a satirical story about a pair of princes. I thought it might be comical to watch chivalry butt up against chivalry, and the result was quite amusing. The whole "After you," "No, after you. I do insist" sort of thing makes me chuckle. Of course, this story is also infused with the sweetness of longing, which adds a further dimension to the comedy.
3) Chase family pets, of course! You know...the way toddlers do? Here kitty kitty kitty...let me touch your fur!

Rob Rosen
1) My favorite sweet is Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream, but I opt instead for Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt so that I remain my hubby's favorite sweet.
2) How can you not want to write about about sex and candy? They go together like cookies and cream. If cream is, uh, well, you know what cream means.
3) You spread the sticky around and around. And around some more!

Julia Talbot:
1) I love chocolate, but if I coulkd only eat one sweet for the rest of my life it would be carrot cake
2) I just love the idea of pretty boys smearing bon bons on one another
3) I wash them. I admit it, I don't like it personally when things get sugary...

Gabriel West:
1) I like a lot of home made fruity things, like apple crumble bars, fruit pizza, and jelly-filled tarts. But, when I get the craving for chocolate, I hunt for white and dark chocolate.
2) The name of it amused my muse so much that I just could not let it go. The possibilities were just so delicious.
3) Lick them clean ^_-

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