Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Releases for November 27

Granite: A Rocky Start by G.H. Worth

The attraction simmering between Detective Baxter Alexander and Assistant District Attorney Cameron Hamilton for two years finally explodes into life during the middle of an important homicide investigation gone bad. Both men are dedicated to doing their jobs, and finding time for a personal life isn’t easy, especially a new lover, when reality keeps getting in the way. No matter how hard they try to spend time together, nothing goes as planned, but despite a rocky start, they’re determined to keep trying.

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No Man's Land by Zoe Nichols

It's been two months since Asher’s boyfriend, Derek, lost his bar to a fire and Derek only seems to be slipping further away into a private hell. Lost and watching his boyfriend fade away, Asher fights helplessness while Dean tries to keep them all from falling apart.

The threesome has been sliding south since Derek slipped a promise ring on Asher's finger, drawing a line in the sand no one can miss. Tension erupts, and Asher and Derek are left to fit the pieces back together, scared that they no longer fit without Dean. Guilt-ridden, Asher and Derek fight like hell, pushing each other to the breaking point. Can they find a way to keep love from sliding into something like hate?

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Hell is in the Details by Angela Benedetti

Benioth, the Demon of Laziness, is behind on his memos and has just found out he needs to corrupt a soul by midnight to make quota. Luckily the Demon of Sodomy doesn't mind sharing the fun, and Benioth runs into Andy, who's still innocent but eager to have someone fix that for him. It sounds like a perfect situation, but somehow things never go right for poor Benioth.

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Storm on the Mountain by PD Singer

When driving snow and high winds force the Wapiti Creek Ski Resort to shut down the lifts, ski patrol Mark wants nothing more than to round up the last stragglers and get safely indoors. Chef Allan is still out in the blizzard on a borrowed snowmobile, delivering meals so a hundred people don't go hungry. While Mark's protective instincts scream to drag his lover inside, he respects Allan's need to honor commitments, even at the risk of frostbite.

Allan's got another problem bigger than the storm. Mark has the solution -- but Allan will never accept it if they don't reach the decision together.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Sale!

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New Releases for November 24

A Change of Tune by JM Cartwright

Johnny Rayne has had enough - enough of being at the top of the rock music industry for the last decade, enough of constant touring and recording. He wants something more -- just something very different. Moving to a farm in West Virginia, Johnny meets Sheriff Virgil Grissom on his first morning in the mountains.

The sheriff challenges Johnny in a multitude of ways - with overt machismo, disdain for Johnny's musician past, and all-around know-it-all-ness. The two men clash continually, and Johnny resists succumbing to the sheriff's brash charm until Grissom forces him to admit some very basic truths. One: Johnny's definitely attracted to men. Two: Johnny's definitely attracted to Grissom. And three: Johnny's definitely going to enjoy every moment of it.

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Eternal Investigations by Nancy M. Griffis

Helen has the ability to speak to spirits, and she heads to Atlanta on an emergency haunting job. Helen's dead-ghost twin sister, Brenda, tags along.

When a small-time demon takes over Helen's mind, Jacqueline gets a ghostly visit from Brenda asking for her help. Together they try to overcome the evil spirits and find themselves falling in love. When a new assignment sends them to Nevada, Helen and Jacqueline team up, in more ways than one.

They help investigate a haunted ranch in Wild Creek, Nevada, a town filled with mysterious happenings, including the infamous Ranch. The ranch is steeped in evil, the grounds for many, many gory deaths over the last hundred years. Helen and Jacqueline are caught in the house's alternate reality, alone, frightened, and trying
desperately to harness their powers against evil.

Eternal Investigations if available in print and ebook formats!

Life Changes Everything by TC Blue

Ben might be young and only recently out, but he knows what he wants, and the hot blond on the dance floor definitely fits the bill. The last thing he expects is to discover that he's not only met Aaron before, but that he likes the guy as well. That's something he's never encountered before.

Aaron's no player, but when the universe throws a tall, built slab of gorgeous beefcake in his path, Aaron knows better than to question his luck. Ben unexpectedly turns out to be smart, funny, and a really good fit, which is definitely a bonus. Ben might be young, but he's mature enough to keep Aaron interested, and happy.

They both have pasts and regrets, but everyone does. They're determined to work through their issues, though, and just when they’ve started to move on together, life happens, throwing complications in their path. Can their fledgling relationship survive when everything changes?

Life Changes Everything features characters from the popular novel, Life or Something Scary Like That.

Life Changes Everything is available in print and ebook formats!

Life or Something Scary Like That by TC Blue

When Jack Cutler's roommate Paul ditches him to move in with his pregnant girlfriend, Melissa, he recommends someone else to take his place: Melissa's brother, Cliff. Cliff is young and hot, but Jack is sure that Cliff is straight. And even once Jack learns the truth, he knows he's not right for Cliff. Cliff wants the real thing, commitment, and Jack's not heading down that path again. When jealousy flares once Cliff starts dating someone, Jack must re-evaluate his position on long-term relationships and whether he wants to risk one with Cliff.

When Cliff gets sick, the shaky foundation of Jack and Cliff's relationship is tested. Even so, sometimes true love really does conquer all, for the moment, anyway.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Releases for November 20

Dorian's Story by Stephanie Vaughan

The king's reward for a year's hard work. A little something for himself – that was all Tasim was supposed to be.

When the king distributed his largess, Dorian thought only to gain a bedmate to help ease the boredom of long winter nights. But Tasim quickly became so much more, disturbing the delicate balance between an unstable monarch and his favorite. Dorian must now walk the razor's edge between his king's pleasure and his heart's desire.

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The Thunder-Horse

It’s not all glory and glamour being the personal assistant of a major rock star, but Andrew does the job as well as he can. And when he's asked to procure a horse for a music video, he finds the most beautiful horse he’s ever seen. However, the mighty black stallion has had a dark and troubled past, much like the man Andrew works for, Nathan Maynard. Now Andrew has a rival for Nathan’s affection; a huge, hairy rival with four feet and a long nose. What’s most frustrating about that is the horse appears to be winning…

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Tipping the Balance by Rob Rosen

When Chris wakes up in purgatory, he finds himself confronted by an angel and a devil. It seems his soul is in limbo and it could go either way. In order to tip the balance, he has to use his God-given talent to his best ability, but the only talent he has is between the sheets. Is it possible getting it on with an angel and a demon can save him from hell and get him into heaven? And is either side ready for the likes of him? Lord only knows.

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Licorice Whips by Sean Michael

Cain's comic book career is really starting to take off, and he has to leave his lover Denny long enough to do a book tour. He misses his daily routine while he's on the road, misses the care Denny takes of him. Then there's Will, his tour manager, who's sweet and maybe too fond of Cain for his own good.

When Will starts making advances that Cain can't deal with, it's Denny to the rescue. Will Cain be able to deal with all the stress life throws at him? The boys from Cherry Sours and Sweet Tarts prove they still have it in Licorice Whips!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Releases for November 17

The Silver Knight by Kate Cotoner

As the Prince Bishop's chief summoner, Sufyan is accustomed to dealing with dangerous men. When he hears tales of a wild blood-fiend and the solitary silver knight who does battle with the monster each year, Sufyan decides there's more to the situation than meets the eye. Suspecting trickery, he investigates the haunted church and meets the silver knight, Everard de Montparnasse.

Everard has been battling the blood-fiend for years. He's startled when Sufyan offers to help, and together the two men manage to drive back the horrifying monster for one night. But Everard knows the blood-fiend will strike again. He doesn't want to lose Sufyan -- but the secret Everard is hiding could mean the death of them both.

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Vanilla: The Dominant Ingredient by Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde

No home, no more job - such as it was, anyway - and his only possession is the pair of leather pants he ran away in. Things can only get better from here. Right? But what Ajay doesn't realize is that better isn't necessarily good enough. He meets Cameron, a Dom without a sub, who gives him a place to stay. Cameron can get sex anywhere, and is astoundingly impervious to Ajay's charms. Just when nothing seems to be working, Ajay discovers an interesting fact about vanilla and is willing to defile the Mackenzie dining table and risk the Mackenzie crystal to prove that he is worthy. And hopefully change Cameron's mind.

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Toy Box: Bondage Mitts edited by M. Rode with stories by LD Madison, Sean Michael and G.R. Richards

Sometimes a Dom wants more than just cuffs to keep his lover's hands occupied, and the results can be very sexy indeed! In A Tangled Web by LD Madison, Detective Greg Mallory disobeys a direct order, and Lieutenant Jake West decides to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget. But everything is not what it seems, and in the end, it might be Jake who learns a thing or two.

In This is Naughty Puppy Love by G.R. Richards. When Elio gives up teaching, his colleague Henry is heartbroken. Even more so because Elio is leaving the profession to clean houses for a living! Henry invites Elio to clean his home nonetheless, telling Elio to pay special attention to the bedroom. What does Elio find but a set of stunning leather puppy paw fist mitts? Puppy wants to play! Finally, Jim and Marcus from Bent are back in Hands Tied, a Hammer Story by Sean Michael. When Jim lets an former co-worker goad him into working himself into a frenzy and leaving his schedule behind, Marcus devises a way to help Jim not only focus on himself and his master, but to keep from working more than he should as well.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Sale!

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New Releases for November 13

Euphorbia by Glyn Soitino

Mark is a self-employed gardener who has never recovered from a painful break-up several years ago. He lives with only a tank-full of fish for company and fills the emptiness inside him by reading romantic gay fiction. Colin is a writer who recently moved to the countryside, disillusioned with the shallowness of life in London. He's looking for Mr. Right, and dares to hope he's found him in the form of the man Colin has hired to take care of his garden.

Too bad Mark isn't interested in having a relationship. But gardening can be a hazardous occupation, and when Mark is injured by Colin's euphorbia plant, he has no choice but to let down his defenses and accept Colin's help.

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Defining Moments by Giselle Renarde

Devra remembers the exact moment she realized she was a lesbian. When she talks to her girlfriend Priti about growing up as a child of the eighties, she's flooded by memories of pretending to be just like all the other girls. Devra's known she was different nearly forever, but what about Priti? Even now, sleeping with Devra every night, she refuses to identify as a lesbian. Will a war of words ruin their cozy winter evening together?

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Waiting in the Wings by Cassidy Ryan

Actors Matt and Danny have been working together for six months with a touring theatre company. Before the tour even started Matt made it clear that he didn't get involved with co-workers, so Danny has spent the last six months denying his attraction to Matt. But the curtain has fallen on their final performance, and Matt invites Danny to his hotel room for a night cap and a confession.

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The Lion's Share by Dianne Fox

Shifters Ross and Lindy really want their third love, Tau, to move in with them. Were-lion Tau is reluctant, if only because he has problems in his past that he doesn’t want Ross and Lindy to have to deal with. When those problems show up in a very real way, Tau knows he has to do something to stop them from spiraling out of control.

Ross and Lindy know they have to help Tau, but they're not sure how they can when they end up in trouble themselves. Can Tau reach his lovers in time to keep them safe, or will the ghosts of his past take everything he cares about away?

Find out today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Releases for November 10

Faster Than the Speed of Light by Lucius Parhelion

Frank Mackenzie didn't foresee meeting his young prodigy of a professor during a police raid on a seedy bar. Doctor Col Courtland didn't expect his brightest new graduate student to be a blue-collar widower scarred by the Battle of the Bulge. Neither of them anticipated the complications of academic careers conducted beneath the unsympathetic gaze of the F.B.I.

Life in experimental physics may have grown much more exciting for everyone at Clarence Tenn Polytechnic since the Manhattan Project, but Frank and Courtland share illegal desires that make exciting lives dangerous. As the race for the H-Bomb begins and the Red Scare looms, the pair's intellectual triumphs and strengthening friendship are both threatened by the attraction growing between them. They will need to be brilliant in new ways if they expect to overcome the one threat that moves faster than the speed of light.

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Mother May I by Drew Zachary

DB and Jesse from the Eye Spy books are back, and things are going well for DB Black Investigations, and DB himself. Business is, while not exactly booming, humming along nicely and there's finally enough money coming in to hire a new full-time secretary, allowing DB to focus on the cases, and his ghostly lover Jesse. Things are looking up with Jesse as well, as every day they get a little bit better at this human-ghost relations thing.

Their latest client, Duke, is a bit of a jerk, but he's got plenty of money to burn, along with a bad case of being haunted by his deceased mother. DB and Jesse soon discover that the old lady is trying to protect her money rather than her son, and she isn't going to go gently into the light and what lies beyond for the dead. To further complicate DB and Jesse's lives, DB's mother shows up from out of town, armed with much love and lots of questions about DB's personal life. Not only that, she'd love nothing more than to set her son up with a few nice boys she knows who are also single. What's a man with a ghost lover to do?

Mother May I is available in print and ebook formats!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coming in November and December

We've got some great fiction coming your way to warm up the rest of your November.

Our Top Shelf offerings still to come include A Change of Tune by JM Cartwright, Eternal Investigations by Nancy Griffis, and Life Changes Everything by TC Blue.

Single Shots left to come this month are The Silver Knight by Kate Cotoner and Dorian's Story by Stephanie Vaughan. Also coming in November are High Balls Euphorbia by Glyn Soitino and No Man's Land by Zoe Nichols.

Look for a Vanilla Spice it Up by Ali Wilde and Andy Slayde, as well as a Bondage Mitts Toy Box. We'll round the month out with our two Color Boxes: Granite by G.H. Worth and Fire Engine Red by Sean Michael.

Don’t forget our pair of Sips out every Saturday.

We'll be ringing in December the best way we know how, with lots of hot fiction for you!

December's Top Shelf novels include Push and Three Wishes by Sean Michael, Hourglass by Jane Davitt, BBA Anthology Thrill Ride, and in print -- The Boys of Fell by Syd McGinley. We'll also have Screwdrivers In Their Own Skins III: Uncaged by Kiernan Kelly and Walking to the Stars by Laney Cairo for you.

We'll have a Games People Play by Vic Winter and High Balls Ice by M. Raiya and Shooting Gallery by Kate Roman as well as Color Boxes Ivory by J. Rocci and Sky Blue Pink by Syd McGinley.

Look for a Vanilla Spice it Up From Winnie Jerome, a Pine Switches Toy Box, and Single Shot Virgil Unplugs by Amanda Steiger.

And just in time for the holidays -- we have a Christmas Single Shot Extravaganza mid-month with all-holiday themed Single Shots! All our Saturday Sips will also be holiday themed for the month of December.

Featured Author: Glyn Soitino

Today we're featuring Glyn Soitino, author of Euphorbia, coming November 13

What inspired you to write Euphorbia?
In early June 2009, my sister had an accident involving a Euphorbia plant. I thought that maybe I could use that in a story, so I asked her for the details of what happened to her and she was only too pleased to give them. So, I had an incident, but an incident does not a story make. My next step was to invent a character to whom the incident happens (Mark), and give him a painful past, a reason for being the way he is, that part being loosely based on personal experience. The progression of the story was inspired by the changes in village life over the last few decades, the rural exodus and so on, which are also very real. The other main character, Colin, is entirely imaginary.

How long did it take?
Seemingly forever. When I started writing it, I thought it would end up Single Shot length. But I had to put it aside to deal with edits and such for various other stories that were coming out, and whenever I got back on track the story just kept on growing. So, what with all the interruptions, I suppose it took around four months to finish the first draft.

Name one thing about yourself that your readers would be surprised to know

Though I'm one hundred per cent English, I was brought up on John Wayne films and country music, and in particular Marty Robbins' Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs (Big Iron, anyone? God, I so wanted to be that Arizona ranger!). I still love that album. In the song El Paso, Marty sings about a cowboy who shoots another cowboy who is making a move on the Mexican girl whom the first cowboy is in love with, although first cowboy has never actually told her that he loves her. He (first cowboy) then goes on the run, and is finally shot down when he returns to the cantina where she dances because he'd rather die than never see her again. Which I, unromantic child that I was, always thought was pretty stupid, because nowhere in the song did it say that she actually loved him back. Though she did come out to kiss him while he was dying, so I suppose she may have done. Anyway, one birthday, I think I was six, I was given a globe. It was the custom at my school for the birthday kids to take one present and show it to the rest of the school at assembly. I took the globe. The headmistress asked me if I knew where Great Britain was. And I said, 'no, but I know where Mexico is,' and proceeded to show her.

You write in various lengths, from short to long. Are there differences in writing one length over another?
Yes. I think I have a different approach to a story, depending on the target length. When I know from the outset that a story is going to be short, told over maybe just a few separate scenes or even one long scene, I can simply make a few notes and then sit down and write it straight through, from start to finish, in a matter of days. That's what I did with Some You Win (drafted over a 3-day weekend) and Hungry, the story I wrote for the Demons anthology last year. Even Patrimony, which I tried so hard to keep to Sip length but ended up being a Single Shot (but only just), took a mere four days to draft, simply because I had that 'short story' target in my brain. And that's fine for the shorts. But for the longer stories, in which there are usually more characters and more things going on in the wings, I tend to spend a lot of time plotting and structuring before starting to actually write. Not that I always stick to the plot or structure, but it does give me a basic framework.

What's the best thing about writing?
Being a matchmaker for a couple of guys who really deserve to find love, even if they're only fictional.

How about the worst thing?

At the moment, I'd say the worst thing is having to put the writing on the back burner whenever Real Life rears its ugly head and sticks its oversized foot in the door -- damn, that is so frustrating!

Character or plot, which comes first?
Lately, what's been springing to mind for the myriad of ideas buzzing around in my brain is a situation, rather than characters or a plot. But once the situation is determined, I need the characters to step in. So, first I have a situation, then characters, and then I build a plot around it all.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?
Here in town, that would be reading or writing, but back home in England I sometimes like to go for a walk up the fields behind my parents' house, if it's not blowing a gale, and enjoy the freedom of all that open, empty space.

What is the best writing advice you ever received /found?
Now, this is a tricky one. If I may, I'd rather expand on some advice I came across in a writers' magazine recently, which was that something that actually happened to you should never be used as a story. Because an incident is not a story, as we all know. However, what this article did not do was tell you that while it's unwise to transcribe a real life incident and present it as a story, said incident can be adapted and used as part of a story. As I did in Euphorbia; not to mention that around fifty per cent of what happened to Jeff in my story Serendipity actually happened to me, and that particular one just happens to be my best-selling Sip so far.

What are you working on now?
What am I not working on now? At the moment, I have around five or six stories in various stages of completion and nothing in the TQ production pipeline, so I should be able to finish writing the WIPs without the distraction of edits, and then, with any luck, have some new releases in the second half of 2011.

Bio: Glyn SoitiƱo has been writing fiction for her own personal gratification ever since she learned to hold a pencil, a long, long time ago. Writing for an audience, though, is still fairly new. A translator by profession, Glyn has lived and worked in several European countries over the years, and currently resides in Switzerland. Her favorite food is 'proper' fish and chips (in batter, not breadcrumbs), and she makes sure she gets some whenever she goes home to England. Glyn loves dogs and cats in equal measure and enjoys taking pictures of the countryside.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy November Sale!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lady Caroline's Reward by Berengaria Brown

Lady Caroline Eversley, the only child of the Earl of Blackshire, needs a chaperone so hires Miss Dinah Watkin, a distant relative she feels she can rub along well with. As they deal with unwanted suitors, Dinah teaches Caroline far more than how to rebuff an unwanted man.

The earl is getting forgetful, though, and the estate still needs to be dealt with, so the Earl's heir announces he is coming for a visit. And the problem of Caroline’s less than suitable chaperonage refuses to go away. Is there any way Caroline and Dinah will find their own happy ever after?

Find out today!

Better Late Than Never by Misa Izanaki

Leon and Ian are best friends. Of course, Leon would like to be more than just friends but he’s afraid to tell Ian, in case his friend isn’t interested or worse yet, doesn’t want to be friends anymore. All that changes when Leon finds himself sharing a hotel room with Ian during a gaming convention.

Originally appeared in Taste Test: Gamers

Pick up your copy today!

Dance of Seduction by Jamie Lowe

Mahak Sinan, a six-hundred-year-old-vampire, spends his nights at a club with his saucy human lover, Parker. But when Parker gets too much unwanted attention from a man at the bar, Mahak and Parker decide to make the man understand that it's a bad idea to mess with a jealous vampire.

Get your copy today!

Between Us by AKM Miles

Vacationing alone in Gatlinburg, Jason Tyler meets photographer Matt, and finds out they have a lot in common, including a plethora of first names. Their physical attraction is strong enough that soon they're on a first-first name basis, and their growing friendship is an added bonus.

Jason and Matt find out that they live near one another in their everyday lives, but they're not sure their need for each other will go beyond holiday happiness. Jason thinks Matt is worth the trouble, but Matt's still getting over a lost love. Will they manage to find each other once their vacation ends?

Find out today!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coming November 6

Single Shot:

Lady Caroline's Reward by Berengaria Brown
Lady Caroline Eversley needs a chaperone and hires Miss Dinah Watkin, a distant relative. Dinah and Caroline fall in love and Dinah teaches Caroline all about sex, but their chaperonage difficulties refuse to go away. Can they find a solution and have their own happy ending?


Better Late Than Never by Misa Izanaki
Leon and Ian are best friends but Leon wants to be more than that. Will he find the courage to tell Ian how he feels or will he let the opportunity slip through his fingers?

Dance of Seduction by Jamie Lowe
What happens when the lover of a six-hundred-year-old vampire gets unwanted attention from another man?

Single Shot Classic:

Between Us by AKM Miles
Vacationing alone in Gatlinburg, Jason Tyler meets photographer Matt, and finds out they have a lot in common, but will their holiday romance last once their vacations are over?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Release for November 3, 2010

Splash by KIL Kenny

Alex wants to spend one more season on the family farm before he's forced to sell the property and move on. What was supposed to be a reflective time is turned delightfully upside down by Jordan, the beautiful, laughing spirit Alex finds living in the cow pond. Needless to say, a pond is not Jordan's usual hangout, and as the autumn wears on, it's clear that Alex will have to find a way to get Jordan home before the first New England freeze. But if he succeeds, what will be left for Alex?

Find out today!