Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Releases for August 28

Army Green by J. Rocci

Evan Miller and Cam Jackson have run Glenhaven Farm together on behalf of Evan's grandparents for the past couple years, giving the farm everything they have to make it a success. But when Evan’s old commanding officer asks for Evan’s help with the wild child of their squad, Evan and Cam don’t hesitate to find a place for Reo at Glenhaven. Reo is a city boy with a penchant for trouble, and he stirs up more dust than expected. Reo’s behavior -- and Evan ignoring it -- causes Cam to confront issues he hasn't been able to verbalize until now.

Evan has been juggling a whole set of worries, though, and they take their toll on his health. When he ends up in the hospital, it's up to Cam and the rest of Glenhaven to make sure he follows his doctor's orders.

Featuring the boys from the Torquere Press Single Shot “Taction.”

Pick up your copy today!

Gray: Grisaille in Stone and Sky by Molly Church

Corvo and Ardán are back in this stand-alone story that follows them from Ardán's homeworld of Biryan to a new planet. Corvo has been called in to arbitrate a situation on the planet Varosa that is on the brink of becoming a civil war.

Added to the intricacies of negotiations are Corvo and Ardán's own problems. Ardán's peculiar status as a slave, and yet not a slave, is still not resolved to his or Corvo's satisfaction, and when things begin to go wrong on Varosa, Ardán just might have to face the baggage he's been carrying around for years. Can Corvo and Ardán come out of the volatile situation not only alive, but with their relationship intact? Or is everything about to come to pieces?

Corvo and Ardán have appeared in Brown: Grisaille in Sand and Sunset and Pentimento: Poppy

Get your copy today!

Ruby Slippers by Alexi Silversmith

Detective Mark Benemonti is still getting over his last relationship when he meets Sterling Steele - a Greek God in sweat pants - in his local park, and is instantly smitten. Mark knows that Sterling would never lie to him like his ex-boyfriend did. He's just too sweet and innocent. Right? But while Sterling adores Mark, he's dealing with an unhappy past of his own. He's been hurt too many times to trust Mark straight away.

When Sterling’s secret - the fact that he works as a female impersonator at a club called Ruby Slippers - is unexpectedly and explosively revealed, Mark and Sterling's relationship falls apart. By the time Mark realizes he’s made a mistake, Sterling isn't in a listening mood. Mark is really going to have to go the extra mile in order to get his boyfriend back... the question is, can he handle his very own pair of Ruby Slippers.

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Cross the Mountain by PD Singers

Cross-country skiing is fun, and it's good for you, everyone assures Allan. He's uncomfortably aware that he's a soft-in-the-middle chef getting advice from the skiing elite of the Wapiti Creek Resort, but his ski patrol lover, Mark, is sure that Allan can handle the equipment and the terrain.

Allan and Mark have a great time on the trails, but it's pleasure for which Allan pays dearly. How will Mark convince him to go again?

Find out today!

Making it Even by Dallas Coleman

Joe knows he's screwed up, but he's not willing to let his long-time love get away with the cold shoulder. He's already made things even, but now he wants to make things right, and he's willing to admit his own mistakes and forget Ben's, if Ben will just let him. Ben's no angel, but it's hard to let things go. Can Joe convince Ben it's time to move on and get back to the business of loving each other?

Find out today!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

what's your favorite convention

hey y'all!

We're looking at next year's schedule (hey, you gotta plan in advance) and we want to know what your favorite writing/reading convention might be. Tell us in the comments, and tell us why! Sell us on it and we might come. :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekly Specials

This week we have two fantasy books, two books by Eden Winters and two books by Mara Ismine on sale at 20% off!

Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters
Journey to Compromise by Mara Ismine
Persistence Pays by Mara Ismine
Requiem of Janus by Nicole Wilkinson
Royal Treatment by Cecelia Tan
The Wish by Eden Winters

New Releases for August 25

The Blind Prophecy by Jamie Lowe

Prince Meilyr of Aurendale doesn't get along with Nicholi, the oracle of his country's matron goddess, or Nicholi's barbarian lover, Ein. But after King Reagan is assassinated and Prince Meilyr's own life is threatened, there is no one else he can turn to. Nicholi and Ein put aside their dislike for the prince to deliver him to the safety of his loyal soldiers, but the situation turns even more dangerous when the prince finds himself attracted to the lovers. The trio has to learn to work together to get Prince Meilyr to the border before his kingdom falls apart. Can they make it in time, or will their feelings get in the way?

Find out today!

Duet by Eden Winters

The English are an evil not to be tolerated, or so Aillil Callaghan believes, and Malcolm Byerly, the Kentish tutor Aillil's father brings to the Highlands to teach his younger brothers, is no exception. Their affection for the boys and a shared passion for the violin bring the two men together, and scarlet fever tears them apart. When a Druid priestess offers her aid, grief-stricken Aillil vanishes into legend, to be handed down from one generation to the next.

Over two centuries later, violinist Billy Byerly’s arrival at Callaghan Castle for a concert feels like coming home. An old man presents him with a strangely familiar violin, and from its strings he draws melodies he doesn't remember learning. Billy doesn’t believe in ghosts, but if the tales of the Lost Laird aren’t true, then why does he dream of a dark-haired, kilted Highlander? And why is he haunted by the strains of a phantom violin? Two violins, one love. How many lifetimes?

Get your copy today!

Leather Nights by Patricia Logan

When widowed, jobless, and about to be homeless Jake Maxfield inherits his Aunt Becky's home in Texas, the California native uproots his teenagers and moves. Still trying to rebuild his career after the mortgage crises, and to reconnect with the kids he's been too busy for, the last thing Jake is looking for is love. Especially with a man.

Cade Littlebear isn't looking for love either, but he and Jake have an immediate attraction that neither of them are able to deny. Just when they think that combining their lives and their teenaged families is going to be their toughest challenge, their very existence is threatened by narrow-mined bigots. Their determination not to hide who they are and refusal to live in the shadows only adds fuel to the fire. Can Jake and Cade survive and bring their lives and families together? Or will hatred win the day?

Pick up your copy today!

Smoke, A Dark Masters Story by Mara Ismine

Smoke is happy with his life. He runs his galaxy-wide courier business without interference, his ship, the Purrsis, is one of the best in her class and the galaxy is full of interesting and attractive people willing to spend a night or two with a lonely pilot. Smoke prefers things simple and uncomplicated. Then he decides to follow a pair of particularly attractive long legs from a tavern in the hope of a mutually enjoyable night of fun and games…

Tyrak has nothing more on his mind than completing his mission and leaving the planet. Getting involved with an opportunistic thief isn't in the mission parameters. Even if that thief has incredibly soft fur. Life becomes a whole lot more complicated for them both. Can they balance lies and secrets with their undeniable attraction? Or will duty and misunderstandings destroy any chance they have for more than a brief fling?

Find out today!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jamie Lowe, Featured Author

Tell us about The Blind Prophecy. What inspired you to write it? How long did it take you to write it?

Well, The Blind Prophecy is basically a combination of romance and fantasy that revolves around religion, royalty, and a complicated threesome. I can’t say for sure what flipped the switch as far as inspiration goes… I think it was a mix of a lot of things. I’ve always loved the dynamic in Asian tradition between the warrior and the scholar, so Ein and Nicholi kind of wrote themselves. Adding Meilyr is like the scoop of ice cream that goes with the cake and frosting. It took me two years from writing the first word to finishing. I took a few months off, though, since I was starting college half-way through and then my grandfather got cancer. I’m hoping my future works will go faster, but somehow I doubt it.

You do a variety of lengths in your fiction -- do you find long or short fiction easier to write?

Each has its easier parts, and its much harder ones. I never feel like I create as strong of a bond with characters when I write short stories because I don’t spend as much time with them, while after two years I’m extremely emotionally invested in Nicholi, Meilyr, and Ein. But I don’t have to create as much of a universe for the characters in short fiction; for example, in Caged Demon the universe was relatively simple while the world of The Blind Prophesy is much more complex. I think overall I prefer writing novel-length; I get a better feeling of satisfaction from seeing progress in a novel-length work, and I enjoy the process more.

Tell us one thing about yourself that your readers would be surprised to know.

Surprised, huh? I don’t know what my readers would consider surprising…. Well, I’m only 20 so maybe that would surprise some of them. Or maybe my massive obsession with Alexander the Great; I’m seriously tempted to do a historic novel about Hephaistion someday. Oh, I know! I picked anthropology as a minor in college just so I can learn about different cultures and mix and match to create better fantasy universes.

Do you have a favorite genre to read? To write? Is there any one genre you find it easier to write in than the others?

My favorite genres to read are exactly what I enjoy writing – romance and fantasy. I definitely think that modern fiction is easier to write than fantasy fiction because you don’t have to spend a long time explaining the universe, the readers can just look around. But I kind of enjoy the challenge of having to make a completely fictitious world real, so I actually write very little modern fiction.

What’s the best thing about writing? How about the worst thing?

The best thing is how few limitations there are. Sure, something that’s completely off-the-wall might not be a best-seller, but I write for the satisfaction more than anything, so my imagination marks the boundaries. And I think even the worst story you will ever write can teach you something, so I just write and write, all of the time. The worst thing about writing is absolutely writer’s block. I stay up late at night just staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what happens next, what will bring about the outcome I want, what plot-twists are feasible. But even that isn’t horrible since there’s a sense of victory once that hard section comes together.

Character or plot, which comes first?

Almost always character. I think I had about four possible scenarios in mind for Nicholi and Ein – including an action-comic inspired vampire series – before I realized how perfect they worked with Meilyr, who I originally was trying to match with a dozen different projects. I love creating character designs, but I spend forever trying to find the story that’s just right for them. The only times plot comes first for me is if an idea started out as a short story then grew into something more complex.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Curled up in my bed against a massive pile of pillows with either a fantastic book or a notebook and a few dozen pencils (I chew them until they break). I absolutely love thunder and lightning, so I’ll open the blinds and get distracted by a huge flash outside; it’s fantastic. But I can’t stand silence, so I’ll turn on my iPod; I’m really into Western European rock bands.

What’s the best writing advice you ever received/found?

Don’t ever try to force your characters somewhere they don’t want to go. If you created humanistic characters, then – like humans – they’re going to have wills of their own. When the characters are forced into a relationship or a situation, they never seem to act naturally. At some point, like parents with a child, you just have to step back and let the children make their own choices. You just become the hands that write the story they want you to tell… embrace that.

What are you working on now?

A teen fiction novel based on the premise of Sleeping Beauty, but with a male princess. It picks up after the kiss of true love, but Beauty is definitely more spirited than anything you’ll see in a Disney film. I’m about 12,000 words in, so I’m making progress. A friend of mine wants to collaborate on a more racy, gritty modern novel, so we’ll have to see how that turns out. We’re actually trying to tame it down from how we originally planned it, so that’s a whole new challenge right there.

Bio: I'm a full-time student who has been writing for as long as I can remember. I've only been trying to get my work published in the last few years, though, and it's turned out really well for me. I much prefer writing for enjoyment than writing for assignments, so I started writing seriously while working on my BA in Creative Writing. I have already released two short stories through Torquere Books. "The Blind Prophecy" is my first novel.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sneak Peak for Wednesday

Look what's coming up this Wednesday!

Duet by Eden Winters

Blind Prophecy by Jamie Lowe

Smoke by Mara Ismine

And Leather Nights by Patrica Logan

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Releases for August 21

A Blast from the Past by JL Merrow

Detectives Lars Thornsson and Chelle Rochelle of the Paranormal Enforcement Agency first appeared in "A Calling for Pleasure," in The Care and Feeding of Demons anthology. Now they have a new case; someone or something demonic is starting fires all over town. Meanwhile Lars’ sexy succubus lover Rael has problems of his own. His cheating ex Lev has turned up and wants him back. And Lev won’t take no for an answer.

Can Rael keep Lev from messing up what he's got with Lars? And can Lars and Rochelle catch their firestarter – preferably before one of them ends up as toast?

Find out today!

After Hours by Cassandra Gold

Cory isn't too happy to have to close his brother's bakery, until a particular customer shows up. Cory would love to cheer ER doctor Kyle up with a little extra special service, but he's not sure the man is interested. When Cory makes his move, will it be a disaster -- or will his night at the bakery turn out to be better than he could have hoped for?

Pick up your copy today!

Fantasy Man by Aaron Michaels

Mitchell fantasizes about the sexy man with the clipboard and hard hat working on the half-finished high-rise across from his tenth-floor office. After Mitchell lets his daydreams get out of (or rather, on) hand in full view of his office window, he vows his fantasies should stay just that.

Right up until the object of his fantasies hits on Mitchell at a bar. Who in his right mind would turn down a chance to live out a fantasy?

Find out today!

Made to Order by Sean Michael

Sarge is a man of routine. That's what happens to longtime military men; they go to the same restaurants and eat the same meals every week. Of course, the draw of Sarge's favorite diner might just be the very handsome Jack.

When Jack finds out that Sarge is planning on spending Christmas alone, he decides to make his move on the man he's been admiring for a long while. Even if nothing happens, he wants to share his holiday with Sarge, who he's come to think of as a friend. Can these two lonely men find out that Christmas is better when they have someone to share it with?

Pick up your copy today!

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Our Authors Share their Favorite Summer Activities

M Durango: We don't get a lot of summer in the Pacific Northwest (it's currently 62 degrees and cloudy; but, as we like to say, the clouds are bright today!). My summer fun activity is heading back to Seaside Heights, NJ and spending a week at the shore. And spending too much money on boardwalk food, Skeeball, and that "make quarters off the shelf and win ticket" game.

AR Moler: I’ve got a new one this summer. Parasailing!

Giselle Renard: Escaping the heat and humidity and construction and noise of the city, and heading north to the cottage.

Eden Winters: My number one summer activity is tubing down the river. I been every weekend for the past three weeks, taking various friends and family along. They've all loved it

Maia Strong: It's a toss-up for me between free Shakespeare in the park and the Scottish Highland Games

Tory Temple: Oh, my favorite summer activity is sitting by the pool or ocean with a really trashy novel.

Jay Lygon: I love to travel. I hate airports and hotel rooms, but seeing a new place (or even going back to Rome or Venice) is worth it.

Jodi Payne: love the beach - we day trip nearly every weekend to the shore, and then I spend at least a week on Cape Cod with my family every summer. I've always been inspired by the power of the ocean, the salty air, and I love to sail, so the beach is just the right place to recharge my batteries.

BA Tortuga: Rodeo with Julia

Kara Larson: Relaxing by the pool with a good book. :)

(Too bad the in-laws with a pool live 3 hours away...)

Aaron Michaels: Going to the beach! Which I don't get to do nearly often enough. *g*

Chris Owen: My number one summer fun activity (aside from the LACK of making
school lunches) is packing up the truck and going camping! I love
camping. We have a great place that's less than an hour from home--
far enough to be a get-away, close enough to come home in the middle
of the night if it starts to pour and go back the next day for the

PD Singer: My favorite summer fun involves getting up to the cabin, and then spending the weekend doing all the wonderful things you can do with a cold mountain lake and the Rocky Mountain National Forest to play in. Boating, fishing, hiking, all fun. On our last trip, I was the only one awake early enough to see the fox trot past the front window.

Keira Andrews: My number one summer fun activity is visiting Provincetown in Cape Cod. Sitting by the water, sipping margaritas and eating lobster bisque.

Julia Talbot: Rodeo with BA

Sean Michael: Speedos

Back to School Sale!

It's that time of the year again and Torquere Press is offering 15% off on all our books!

Just put 'back2010' into the coupon code box when you check out at Torquere Books and you'll get 15% off your purchase.

Coupon good now through Sunday August 22 at midnight (est).

So hold off on the textbooks for a moment and pick up some hot books from Torquere Press!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press, Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announce and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

Weekly Specials

This week have have four stories by Jenna Jones, four BBA Menage stories and four Vampire stories on sale at 20% off!

Blood Magic by Shayne Carmichael
Blood Ties by Shayne Carmichael
Chiaroscuro by Jenna Jones
Favorite Son: The Queen of Wands by Jenna Jones
Grains of Paradise by BA Collins
Moment of Truth 1: To Serve and Protect by AJ Wilde
Royal Treatment by Cecelia Tan
Slave to the Blood by ID Locke
Something Beautiful by Jenna Jones
The Best Man: The Four of Cups by Jenna Jones
The Memorial Garden by Lauren P. Burka
The Vampire Fred: Wicked Game by Vaughn R. Demont

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Releases for August 18

The Vampires's Prisoner by Scarlet Blackwell

Doctor Alex Somerville has a fascination for all things paranormal. He arranges for a captured French vampire to be brought to his Victorian London home, where he plans to study the creature for a scientific paper. Arriving unconscious and burned by the sun, Raphael Lefevre's survival as a lab specimen appears in doubt. But a vampire's recuperative powers are legendary, and soon Raphael is making it clear that he is none too pleased by his situation. It’s not long before he sets about seducing Alex. Will Raphael be able to turn the tables and make Alex into the vampire's prisoner?

Find out today!

Herbs de Provence by Jenna Jones

Chef Harry Whelan spends most of the year traveling from country to country, learning new dishes. He always comes home to San Francisco, to his friends and family, including Dix Alexander and the boy Dix raised, Nicholas.

Harry returns from his latest wanderings to find that Nicholas, has gone from shy and sullen teenager, to a confident, attractive young man. They discover a mutual love of the dishes of Provence and the town where Nicholas was born and Harry spent a very happy year, Saignon. Harry and Nicholas begin a passionate affair, but Harry is convinced he can never compete with Nicholas’s idolizing of Dix anymore than he can stop his own need to wander.

They’re both searching for home, whether Provence or San Francisco, but maybe they just need to find it in each other.

Pick up your copy today!

Toy Box: Kitchen Sink Menage with stories by Penelope Friday, Alex Marcus-Jacobs and JL Merrow

Sometimes a kitchen spoon is just a spoon, and sometimes it isn't. These three stories throw in everything but the kitchen sink for a little kinky ménage play. We begin with After the Fire by Alex Marcus-Jacobs. After a fire has destroyed the only home that Onyx and owners-slash-dominants know, they're left without a single toy to play with. When he pushes that point with his owners, he learns a memorable lesson about the use of some much less conventional objects.

JL Merrow brings us Subtlety. Six months after walking out on her abusive boyfriend, life’s looking good for Claire. She’s living in a beautiful house with two men she adores. The only problem is, she’s started to want a little more than just friendship from her boys. But Tom and Justin are a couple and don’t see her in that way. Or do they? And finally, in No Difference by Penelope Friday, Matthew, Sally and Tristan have been living comfortably together as lovers, indulging their sexual interests as well as being committed partners. However, when Matthew is diagnosed with testicular cancer, a huge strain is put on their relationship. Can they make it through the tough times?

Find out today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

what is it with artists and Rob?

Hola, compadres!

After a long absence, I've got a newish book out, a Sip called Work of Art.

You can buy it here.

I have a positive jones for artists. One of my first stories for TQ was about an art thief who gets kidnapped by an artist. Deliciously evil man, that artist.

My more recent artist in Work of Art is a little more like... Say, Six, from Facets. He's blinky. He likes making art and he likes corn flakes. Most of all, he likes his lover, Sawyer.

What is it with Rob and artists, you ask? Could be a holdover from art school. Hang out with weirdos, and suddenly you like writing them. Could be the whole paint on skin thing. That a fine image, right? Streaks of bright paint on tanned skin. Two men, rolling about on a canvas...

Is it hot in here?

One way or another, art inspires me.

What's your number one inspiration?

Here's the write up on Work of Art

Wade's one of those rare birds -- a successful living artist. His work is in high demand, as is his time, as Nikki, the gallery owner keeps reminding him. Wade isn't into meeting people, though. In fact there are a lot of things he's not into, like touching and talking, and cheese. On the other hand, Wade is into corn flakes, his glass tomato, and Sawyer. He's really into Sawyer.

Sawyer's been with Wade long enough that he not only knows Wade-speak, but how to use Wade's OCD and rules to his advantage. Which is a good thing, as Sawyer's getting ready to ask Wade to move in with him. The question is, will Wade agree, or freak out?

Thanks for stopping by. Questions? Email me at robknightauthor@gmail.com

Monday, August 16, 2010

guess that book

Sometimes we (meaning me, Lorna, and the other owner, Shawn) play the, "What if there was this guy" game.

In fact, that's how most of our stories come about, and how most of the synopses for later cover art and blurb purposes are formed. It's certainly not an exact science, and more often than not it leads to hilarity.

So, I've taken four of Torquere's most recognizable titles and transcribed the blurbs into "What if" style. Can you recognize them? Answer correctly in the comments and we'll pick one random participant to win a coupon for 20% off their total purchase!

Here we go!

1) What if there was this guy who was in love with his brother's best friend, but this crazy serial killer is ruining the matchmaking mood?

2) What if there was this guy whose truck breaks down in the rain and then he gets into a fight which leads to hot sex and a lifetime of love and trouble?

3) What if there was this really hot bottom who works as a blacksmith and says "screw you" when someone suggests he should leave his lover when his loses his legs?

4) What if there was this guy who isn't supposed to be keeping a ferret as a pet, not to mention that whole Dr. Doolittle thing...


Answers accepted until noon (12:00 pm) mountain standard time on Tuesday! Then we'll pick a winner. Have fun!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Releases for August 14

Of One Mind by Elizabeth L. Brooks

Has telepathy ruined romance? Jereth Collier has always thought so, but after years of fruitless searching, he's finally driven by loneliness and an inexpressible hunger to the mysterious priests of the Goddess to find his destined mate and one true love. Unfortunately, Jereth's mate is not the woman of his dreams -- in fact, Jereth's mate isn't a woman at all!

Caris Meghlin is trapped in a net of poverty, fear, and abuse by his violent and criminal half-brother, but he yearns desperately for escape. Just as he thinks his wildest dreams are coming true, his long-awaited soulmate Jereth rejects him, crushing his last hopes of rescue and breaking his heart. Jereth must learn to master his fears and open his heart and mind to Caris before Caris' brutish brother can complete his destruction and Jereth himself is left forever alone.

Pick up your copy today!

Apples & Gin: Birthday Cake by Jenna Jones

It’s Sawyer’s thirtieth birthday, and Noah has offered him anything he wants to celebrate. What Sawyer wants is for Noah to keep his promise from Valentine’s Day, that if Sawyer wrote them another song, Noah would sing on it. But Noah’s not a professional singer and everybody else at the session is, so Noah would rather do anything but sing. Can Sawyer persuade Noah that it really is the thought that counts?

Find out today!

You Can Go Home Again by Drew Zachary

Veterinarian Peter Rawley has returned to his prairie home of Claremont after a six year absence to care for his ailing parents. While out at the local watering hole, he runs into his old friend Harlan Brant. Lan is number one on the list of people Pete wants to catch up with now that he's back, and it looks like the feeling is mutual.

When a couple of drinks leads to an invitation to spend an off day out at Lan's ranch, Pete wonders if an old friendship can become something more and if it's true that you can go home again.

Get your copy today!

Sliding Down the Pohutukawa Root by Kara Larson

Amiri is nervous enough about taking Graeme and his niece and nephew to his dad's place out in the country. He gets along with his dad, but he's not sure he wants to subject his lover and their fragile new kids to how he grew up. They go from the frying pan to the fire when they arrive in the country with the kids, the dog and a chicken, only to find Graeme's family there as well.

Between fighting with Graeme, trying to make his nephew understand how much he's loved, and his big, boisterous family, Amiri thinks he might just have a breakdown. Can he survive the trip back to his roots, or will Christmas be a disaster?

Find out today!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Releases for August 11

Baked by Sean Michael

When his younger twin brothers Darius and Devin wreck everything in his life in just a few short days, big brother Clay decides to enlist the help of a friend. Bake is a top at a club called the Hammer, and knows just how to handle two subby boys, even if no one else can tell them apart. Bake is a twin himself, and knows about the special kind of bond that creates. Dare and Dev might be a little closer than Bake and his twin, Bean, have ever been, but that doesn't stop him from understanding their needs.

Meanwhile, Bean meets their big brother Clay, who's just back from his tour in the military, and thinks he's found a treasure like nothing he's ever seen. Clay isn't into games, and Bean loves his straightforward style. What should be a perfect solution for all of the brothers, though, turns out to be more complicated than anyone expects. From family jealousy to threats they could never imagine, the boys will have to be tough to take on what life throws their way. Is there strength in numbers, or will both families be torn apart?

Baked is available in print and ebook formats!

Unconventional by TC Blue

When Trent agrees to move to Los Angeles with Lucas, he knows things aren’t going to be easy. Between a lawsuit, Lucas’ closeted status, difficulty finding work, and a few other things, ‘not easy’ turns out to be an understatement.

Lucas can’t regret bringing his lover to L.A., but he also can’t live openly with Trent the way he wants to. When an unexpected film role makes Lucas even more high-profile than he already was and an unknown enemy steps in to complicate things even further, Lucas has some hard choices to make. Trent’s happiness, and Lucas’, depend upon making the right ones.

Pick up your copy today!

Between a Fox and a Hard Place by Misa Izanaki

Aoi is an exotic dancer and an elf with a kitsune lover, which makes his life pretty unique to begin with. He's looking forward to some needed time along with his lover Itsuke, but problems arise in the form of Aya, a young man who claims Aoi is his father.

Aoi knows he can't possibly be the young man's father, but he feels sorry for the kid, so he and Itsuke take Aya in. While the three of them begin to explore their new relationship, problems arise from both Aoi and Itsuke's families. Between familial obligations, curses and injuries, will the three of them ever find the time they need to bond and grow together?

Previously published as a Chaser series, Between a Fox and a Hard Place.

Get your copy today!

Coming soon for August

Still to come this month, we have High Balls Of One Mind by Liz Brooks and Ruby Slippers by Alexi Silversmith, and Single Shots The Vampire's Prisoner by Scarlet Blackwell and A Blast from the Past by JL Merrow.

Top Shelf novels still to be released this month include Duet by Eden Winters, Leather Nights by Patricia Logan and Blind Prophecy by Jamie Lowe. Also look for Screwdriver Smoke by Mara Ismine.

We have two Toy Boxes this month: our regular m/m Toy Box with a Twins theme, and a BBA Menage Toy Box -- Kitchen Sink. Our Spice it Up for August is Herbes de Provence by Jenna Jones.

Last, but not least, are our Color Boxes. For August we have Gray by Molly Church and Army Green by J. Rocci. And as always, we'll have two Sips every Saturday.

TC Blue, Featured Author

Tell us about Unconventional. What inspired you to write it? How long did it take you to write it? Will there be more in the series?

That’s a long question with a long answer. *grins*

Unconventional is actually the third story in the Trent & Lucas chronicles, which began with a rather simple premise. Now, I attend science fiction and fantasy conventions on a fairly regular basis and I had just returned home from Dragon*Con back in… I think it was 2008. So I was home and wishing the convention was still going on when it occurred to me. With the craziness and fun of conventions, as well as the profusion of different interests the attendees are there for, a convention would be the perfect backdrop for a story. And thus, ‘Conventional Wisdom’ began. The story had a Happy For Now ending, and when the characters — out and proud Goth gaming geek Trent and closeted Hollywood actor Lucas — refused to leave me alone, the second story in the series, ‘Conventional Education’, insisted upon being written. Again, it had a HFN ending, which I was quite pleased with. Then I started getting emails. *hee*

When would Trent and Lucas’ story be finished? Was I planning a third story to tie up the loose ends? At what point would I get to work on it to avoid grave bodily harm? (Yes, that last is a joke. I think. I assumed it was, anyway.)

Ultimately, I realized I had three choices. I could ignore the readers who wanted more, as well as the voices in my head… I could risk life and limb by writing a third novella that would progress the story but not finish it… or I could go ahead and just write until Trent and Lucas were satisfied, which is not as easy a task as one might think. They seemed to be enjoying sharing their story with me in novella-sized chunks, so trying to force them to tell me all of it at once was rather like herding cats. They were very stubborn. *grins*

In the end, I think ‘Unconventional’ took somewhere between three and four months to write, and during that time it was the only thing I was working on. After the first draft was completed, I spent another month or so trying to tidy it up, and when I finally submitted the story, I was very happy to have it accepted even though it’s a much longer tale than the first two ‘Conventions’ books. This book also had an unusually long editing process, thanks entirely to my own mental moments, so I have to send out huge thanks to my tireless editor, Kate, who is directly responsible for making the book far better than it would have been if left solely to me.

As for whether there will be more in this series, I don’t believe so. There are several secondary characters (some of whom readers may recognize from other books, most notably ‘Matchmen, LTD’ and ‘Making It Up’), and some of those characters are definitely starting to clamor for attention, but no, their stories will not be a continuation of the ‘Conventions’ series. This series is solely Trent & Lucas’, after all.

Okay, I think I answered all the questions. And I was right. It really is a long answer. LOL

You do a wide variety of lengths in your fiction -- do you find long or short fiction easier to write?

Truthfully, it depends on the story and how long it wants to be, though as with the ‘Conventions’ series, I’m sometimes blindsided. I may think something is a sip, only to find those same characters whispering to me, months later.

Many of my stories do end up being rather long, which I have to admit I enjoy. Longer books give me more of a chance to explore who the characters are and what’s going on inside their heads. But that wasn’t the question, was it? *blushes*

Okay, as to which length is easier… the longer the better. Long stories seem to flow faster for me. I’d write novels a hundred percent of the time, if I could. But as I said above, sometimes a story doesn’t want to be long, and trying to force it seems… well, forced. Just my opinion, of course.

Tell us one thing about yourself that your readers would be surprised to know.

Hmmm… that’s a tough one. I know I’ve mentioned my bizarre collections in interviews and things, so I need something different here. How about…

In the course of working as a line cook in New Orleans, years ago, I once accidentally stuck my hand in the deep fryer. This is not a joke, even if it’s funny to me now.

I won’t go into details, but to this day, I have a very odd scarring pattern on a couple fingers on my right hand. Does that count as surprising or just plain weird?

Do you have a favorite genre to read? To write? Is there any one genre you find it easier to write in than the others?

Oh, good question! *grins*

I read loads of M/M fiction, obviously, but I also have a certain fondness for M/F humorous paranormal books. Like the ‘Kitty’ series by Carrie Vaughn. I read pretty much everything, including a few very old Regency romances I’ve had for decades. And I love to reread old favorites, including anything by Robert Heinlein, Piers Anthony, and Charles DeLint. I wish I could write science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy the way they do.

As for writing, I tend mostly to stick to contemporary M/M. I did write one Single Shot, ‘Trine’, that was a M/M/M paranormal historical, but that was definitely the exception, rather than the rule. I think I like writing contemporaries because on a certain level, I feel like we can all understand them. Aside from the whole ‘true love conquers all’ aspect, which isn’t as common in real life as one would wish… contemporary romances are easier for me to identify with, and hopefully other people find them accessible, too.

What’s the best thing about writing? How about the worst thing?

The very best thing about writing is being able to spend time doing it. I love the process, from start to finish, no matter how much I may whine and complain to my friends in IM while doing rewrites or edits. *sheepish grin* The idea that people actually want to read what I write is just as good, though.

The worst thing about writing is second-guessing myself, which I do quite frequently. This usually happens after a new book has been released. I’ll spend hours asking myself whether I really managed to get a particular emotion across properly, or if I could have worded something better, and whether I should have explained this-or-that in more detail or less. *chuckles* Fortunately, this stage doesn’t last more than a week or so, but it’s not all puppies and Christmas while it’s happening. LOL

Character or plot, which comes first?

Truthfully, for me it’s usually either a line of dialogue, a description of a situation, or even a title. From there, I figure out who’s involved — the line of dialogue option… how they ended up in that position — the situation scenario… or what the story is about — the title option, obviously.

Once I figure out those things, the rest tends to flow pretty easily.

Of course, as I tend to write series, in one form or another, a lot of things are already established. Characters, for example, travel from one book in a series, where they’re secondary, to being the primary focus of the next book. So I generally have a base to work from.

Plot is very important, as well, but I’ve always had difficulties with knowing the plot before I know the rest.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

*grins* I’m very lucky, in that I have the biggest balcony known to man. Okay, maybe not the biggest, but big enough. The perfect rainy day, at least in the warmer months, is spent on my balcony with a good book, reading and watching the rain.

If it’s a real, thundering downpour, I’m more likely to be found outside running around in it. There’s something about the primal fury of nature at play that I find viscerally satisfying.

What’s the best writing advice you ever received/found?

I don’t remember who said it, or even the exact words, but it basically boils down to “Never force yourself to write something that bores you. If you find it boring, so will your readers. Write with passion and emotion, always.”

Also, and this is not a quote about writing, but I think it applies… Theodore Seuss Geisel once said “Be who you are and say what you mean, because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.” Brilliant man, that Dr. Seuss. *grins*

What are you working on now?

Oh, lots of things. First is another Color Box story, ‘Mandarin Orange’. I’m really enjoying the process on this one, and I hope to have the manuscript completed in the next few weeks.

I’m also working on a story that’s somewhat connected to the ‘Conventions’ series, though it takes place before Trent & Lucas ever meet and involves — you guessed it — secondary characters. Funnily enough, I started writing this one long before I ever conceived of the notion for the ‘Conventions’ books.

I’m also trying to complete another contemporary that takes place in Washington, DC, which would make sense since I live in suburban Maryland. LOL

In addition to those, and completely opposed to what I said earlier about contemporaries, I have a sort of sci-fi-ish post-apocalyptic story and an alternate-dimension urban fantasy-ish thing that I’ve been working on for ages. I can’t swear either of them will ever see the light of day, though. LOL

Finally, in November, my very first novel, ‘Life or Something Scary Like That’, will be reissued with new editing, along with the sequel, ‘Life Changes Everything’, which tells the story of Ben, from the first book. (Yes, Ben fans! I really did listen!) Both will be available in print, as well as electronic formats. *hee*

And I guess that about sums it up.

I’m writing and thinking and listening to the voices in my head. And I’m very excited about ‘Unconventional’ being released. I hope people enjoy it and I’d love to hear about it, either way.

Interesting blog post from Angela Benedetti

Hey there!

Angela wrote a great blog post about dealing with edits (and dealing with people, in general, imo).

Give it a looksee here!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Releases for August 7, 2010

The Glass Man by M Raiya

Seductive and passionate, Zalen is the perfect sex slave. But his owners don't know the past that Zalen is hiding, and no one sees the pain in his soul that he seeks to drown in the oblivion of sex. Until one night when he is bought by a radiantly beautiful young lord with a penchant for roses who asks for the one service Zalen is afraid provide -- love.

By the time Zalen realizes that the touch he craves is the touch of a rose, it is going to take every bit of the lord's love to set Zalen free again.

Get your copy today!

Dildos, Floggers, and Nipple Clamps, Oh My by Vic Winter

Suddenly getting into a fit of giggles at the adult toy shop, Jamie and Derek randomly toss a bunch of items into their cart and go through the cash without paying much attention to anything more than getting out of there without entirely embarrassing themselves. As a result, when they get home, they've got a bag full of goodies to discover. What happens when they find a pair of nipple clamps that turns their fit of giggles into moans of delight?

Originally published in Toy Box: Nipple Clamps.

Pick up your copy today!

Work of Art by Rob Knight

Wade's one of those rare birds -- a successful living artist. His work is in high demand, as is his time, as Nikki, the gallery owner keeps reminding him. Wade isn't into meeting people, though. In fact there are a lot of things he's not into, like touching and talking, and cheese. On the other hand, Wade is into corn flakes, his glass tomato, and Sawyer. He's really into Sawyer.

Sawyer's been with Wade long enough that he not only knows Wade-speak, but how to use Wade's OCD and rules to his advantage. Which is a good thing, as Sawyer's getting ready to ask Wade to move in with him. The question is, will Wade agree, or freak out?

Find out today!

Fortune's Choice by Stevie Woods

Just before Christmas, Keith returns home to claim an inheritance, but can't decide whether to stay in his aunt's old house, or keep his city apartment. He loves that house, but his hometown holds bad memories. Deciding to stay until New Year's before making a decision, Keith goes to buy a Christmas tree and runs into the one person he isn’t ready to meet again.

Seeing Dale again is sweet torture, complicated even more because Dale's out and about with two kids. But Dale seems happy to see Keith again, and extremely interested to discover Keith is a successful author. Not only that, but under the pen-name of Guy Fortune, Keith is one of Dale's favorite gay authors. Will Dale have a confession to make for Christmas?

Find out today!

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Blog question of the week-- what do you notice?

Hey y'all!

This week we asked our authors what one thing do they notice first when they see someone they find attractive. Kudos to Kiernan Kelly for the most hilarious eyes answer...


Julia Talbot - I notice hands a lot, believe it or not. No girly hands for me,
male or female

Stevie Woods-- I have a thing for eyes. The right shade and I can fall right inside *sigh*

Lee Benoit -- When a person strikes me as attractive, I often pinpoint their smile. They might have nice hair, pretty eyes, a killer butt, but whatever the rest of the package, it's the smile that gets me thinking, "There's a person I'd love to know better." People broadcast so much in their smiles -- confidence, shyness, wry humor, warmth. Whatever message a great smile sends, the undercurrent, to me, is "Come closer."

Keira Andrews-- My answer this week: The first thing I notice about someone I'm attracted to is their smile. I'm a sucker for a smile!

Eden Winters -- For me it's the eyes. When I see someone I'm really attracted to the whole 'locking eyes' things happens and I just can't look away. Next, it's the smile. It can be apologetic and say, "Sorry, I'm taken," or it can send the hoped for "come hither" message.

Tory Temple-- I notice arms. Strong, tanned arms with a light dusting of blond hair, specifically.

DC Juris-- I notice eyes first. They really are the window to the soul. A person's words might say one thing, but if you watch their eyes, you can usually find the truth.

Sean Michael-- I notice which direction they dress-- left or right. This is

Kiernan Kelly-- Their eyes...windows to the soul, and all that. Oh, and while they certainly don’t need to be functional, there must be no more than two. If there’s only one, I prefer it not to be in the center of the forehead. Other than that, we’re good.

Syd McGinley-- Forearms!
The one good thing about summer is rolled up shirt sleeves. T-shirts are nice, but I like the rolled up and revealed look.

BA Tortuga -- I'm an ass person. Gimme that butt in Wranglers.

Alex Draven-- The way they move.

Lara Zielinsky -- An attractive person will catch my attention first from behind... literally. I love lean butts, defined shoulders, and lean backs equally on men and women. Meeting face to face, I'll notice eyes first, the way they set in a face and express what isn't being said.

Andy Slayde -- Eyes, it's always the eyes. They tell so much about a person.

TC Blue- There are two things. Eyes come first because they really do tell a lot about a person. Then hands and wrists. Not sure why, but I have a thing for strong, long-fingered hands and nice wrists -- not too knobby, please. LOL


What do y'all notice first? Share!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Revisiting Old Friends - Julia Talbot

I was up in Colorado and Wyoming last week for a real brief time, going whitewater rafting and hitting the Frontier Days in Cheyenne.

Sometimes a trip to the old stomping grounds brings back fond memories of old friends. On the way back to the hotel in Cheyenne one night, we noticed a huge group of trucks and equipment vans, all labeled with a logo for hot shots from Oregon. Hot shots are firemen who work forest and wildfires all over the western US, and they often travel well out of their own state or region to help out.

These guys were super well-equipped and well funded. And hot. Sorry I don't have pics, but firemen are hot, no matter where you are.

Anyway, my thoughts immediately went to one hot-hot summer in Western Colorado (I believe it was 2002) when my buddy BA Tortuga sent me a fire-red notebook made out of handmade paper. She got it at the Pecan Street festival in Austin. I sat down at home the day I got it and started writing this story about smokejumpers and hot shots, as I had just read the non-fiction book Fire on the Mountain by John Maclean and I had just driven through the Glenwood Canyon fire of 2002 (luckily I was pretty unaware that my tires were melting until after) and I wanted to put the knowledge to good use.

And so Jed and Eli from Jumping Into Things were born.

Jumping remains one of my most-loved books, both by me and the readers, and it was happy-making to sit and watch those hot shots and think of how it all began.

What books or characters do you think of as old friends?

New Release for August 4

A Pair of Knaves by Lucius Parhelion

Working a ranch is all very well, but there are faster ways to earn a buck when the gold rush is on. Silas Plummer has been choosing his marks and making a profit with his partner, Dr. Aaron "Arid" Gifford, for the past ten years, and they agree it's time to call it quits -- after they unload one last haul of mining shares. But the shares are a hot commodity in more ways than one, and speed is of the essence if the boys are going to realize the cash.

Skedaddling from Cripple Creek to Chicago, Silas and Arid have to honor a scoundrel's agreement with a shady character from their past before they can conclude their business and enjoy retirement. From the wonders of the World's Fair to the seedier delights of Little Cheyenne, there's no end of challenges to keep their wits sharp. And all the while, Silas is wondering: does he really want this partnership to end?

Find out today!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cowboys and redneck and summertime, oh my!

Oh, y'all...

Julia Talbot and I went to Cheyenne to the Frontier Days rodeo. We go every summer. This year we took our niece and it was a ball.

There was bull riding and cowboys, broncs and hats. River guides. Rainbows. Tattoos. Art. Buffalo burgers (lots of them). Parades. Sunscreen. Denim. Short skirts. Eyeliner (being an aging rodeo fangirl requires an enormous amount of eyeliner and concealer. I know, little known fact, but oh, so true).

Bull riding.

More bull riding.

Lots of men in chaps.

Lots of lean, hot, leather-tanned men in chaps and Wranglers.

Lots and lots of them.

*.* <--- this is my sparkly eyed face.

I may never recover.


I am back in Texas, in the 107 degree heat with a tan that won't quit, cowboy characters clamoring for a story, the urge to eat another buffalo burger, and a t-shirt that says, "My heroes have always been bullriders."


Happy summer vacation!

BA Tortuga


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Happy August Sale!

Welcome to August -- the dog days of summer! We're celebrating with a sale!

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Sale runs from now until midnight (est) Tuesday, August 3, 2010.

So pick up your August reading now!

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