Monday, December 20, 2010

A wee bit from Lady Luck

Hey peeps!

Just in case you didn't know that I write lesbian stuff, too, here's a bit from the Locked and Loaded anthology, which I quite adore. I share space there with Josi Payne, Lucius Parhelion and Dallas Coleman, just to name a few.

Like girls with guns? Yeah, me, too. This one is old west, about gambler Maggie, aka Lady Luck, and Sheriff's daughter Samantha...


“Come back to the hotel with me, Sammy.”

“I shouldn’t. It’ll get ugly here in a bit.”

“All the more reason for you to get away. You know very well that your father can handle it himself. Come along, honey. I want you to come with me.”

Sammy wavered, and then for the first time in her young life she threw caution to the wind and said yes.

“All right. Just let me tell my pa I’m walking you back. You get your pony.”

“Wonderful.” Maggie gave her another warm, wet kiss. “Don’t be long.”

She wasn’t long. It took her maybe five minutes to find her pa. “I’m taking the Lady back to her digs. You need me anymore tonight?”

Her pa gave her a once-over, his own cheeks a little red from drinking, his arm around some little filly from Miss Daisy’s house.

“Nah. You go on, Sammy. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“You sure?”

“Uh-huh.” He smiled at her, looking almost tender. “You look real pretty, Sammy. Real pretty.”

“Thanks, Pa.” Blushing, Sammy gave him a kiss on the cheek, ignoring how he smelled like cat house perfume. “I’ll see you tomorrow at the jail.”

“You betcha.”

With one last wave, Sammy left him, walking right on up to Maggie and holding out an arm. “You ready?”

“I am. Come on, honey.”

The walk seemed endless and yet before she could even blink they were there, Maggie tying her horse out front and grabbing her valise. They didn’t talk all the way up the stairs, nor when they went inside Maggie’s room and shut the door. All they did was turn right to each other and move close, Maggie’s arms coming up around Sammy’s neck as they kissed just like they had at the dance.

Except this kiss went on and on, Maggie’s tongue pushing into her mouth to taste her, then drawing hers back into Maggie’s mouth to give her heat and whiskey and a hint of spice.

It was the scariest and most exciting thing ever.

She struggled with Maggie’s clothes, but Maggie had no trouble with hers, that fancy, frilly dress just floating right to the floor. ‘Course Maggie had more on, what with stays and bustle and petticoats and all compared to Sammy’s bloomers and chemise. They managed it, though, and Lord have mercy, that woman had a beautiful body, milk-pale and curved just so, with heavy breasts and lush hips.

Made Sammy feel like a graceless, oversized goat.

“You’re lovely,” Maggie said, hands moving from Sammy’s shoulders to cup her breasts and then trace the line of her waist. One hand settled on Sammy’s right hip, thumb running along her ribs. The other hand, well, it went where no one’s hand had gone but Sammy’s own, fingers parting the curls down below her belly. “Just lovely.”


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