Monday, December 13, 2010

Time for a Change again

Hey, y'all. Staying warm indoors here, and hoping the birds have found all the food I left for them outside. If the darned squirrels would concentrate on what I spread under the tree, my flying friends might be okay.

Update: on the train heading home now and it's still pretty damned cold outside. Snowing, too. 8-)

My Change series debuted in November with A Change of Tune and it continues in February, with A Change of Scenery. Here's another excerpt from Scenery, with another pretty shot to entice you to read. This pic is near Stephen's home outside of the fictional town of Warm Springs, West Virginia.


Jason said...

so these guys know Grissom and Johnny?

JM Cartwright said...

No - sorry! The three books are on the same theme but entirely independent of each other. Same snotty attitudes in some cases, though. 8-)

Con is stubborn and on the downlow - and Stephen is southern and sweet. You'll like his down-home-isms.

Last book is set in North Carolina - for a bit of a change. Pun intended.