Monday, December 13, 2010

A Summery Sip...

Ahhh. 'Tis the season for merry, snow-filled holidays... and for me to remember how much I miss summer. ;p

If you're feeling nostalgic for hot weather, beaches, and beautiful surfer guys, here's a bit from my Sip, Just a Summer Fling.


Broken-hearted, self-esteem shattered, and dragged on vacation by his parents, Ryan doesn’t think he could be more miserable. All that changes when he meets Chris, the most gorgeous surfer he’s ever seen. Shocked when Chris takes an interest in him, Ryan decides that maybe a summer fling is just what he needs to get over his ex. But Chris has a secret, and Ryan, still hurting from his failed relationship, isn’t at all prepared to deal with it. Could Chris’ revelation ruin their chances of a fling before things even get started? Or, is there a possibility of something more?


He closed the notebook he'd been scribbling in and stared at the water. There were some children building a sand castle near the water's edge. Some teenage girls in bikinis were splashing each other in shallow water. He supposed if he were straight he would have been quite happy watching them frolic about wearing next to nothing. A little farther out he saw several guys with surfboards paddling toward the shore. They were definitely more his type. One reached shallow water before the others and hopped off his board, tucked it under his arm, and waded out of the water.

Ryan's jaw dropped. He was an Adonis. Ryan licked his lips as the Greek god tossed his head from side to side, shaking drops of water from his blond hair. Water ran in rivulets down his broad shoulders, smooth, tan chest, and toned abs. The surfer was gorgeous.

Ryan continued to stare and brushed a few unruly strands of his mop of brown hair out of his eyes. He supposed even a broken-hearted, skinny, artsy-type like himself could at least look upon a god. Maybe it would make him feel better.

He continued to track the surfer with his eyes as the Adonis walked closer and dropped his board onto the sand and picked up a towel. Riveted, Ryan watched as the blond swiped the towel over his arms and chest. Then the surfer looked up.

Ryan's notebook fell from his lap as their eyes met. He'd been caught in the act. He quickly looked away and fumbled in the sand for his book. He could feel his cheeks burning. The god was most likely straight anyway and there was a good possibility he wouldn't take too kindly to being ogled by a depressed, gay boy desperate for some eye candy. Maybe he hadn't even noticed Ryan had been staring. Ryan looked up just to make sure.

Oh, god. The Adonis was still looking at him, grinning, as he toweled off his hair.


Ryan whipped his head around to look behind him in reflex, then felt his cheeks burn yet again. There wasn't anyone there, of course. The god was speaking to him. He bit his lip and slowly turned around.

"I meant you." The surfer was still grinning from ear to ear.

Have a great night, all!

Lily Grace 


JM Cartwright said...

Sounds intriguing!

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Carole Cummings said...

Awwww! I love shy, skinny, geeky boys who are so much more attractive than they think they are. This was really sweet. Thanks for including the buy-link. *adds to list* :)