Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A snippet from Just a Cowboy

Hey y'all-- not quite work safe snippet from Just a Cowboy-- yum. New Mexico cowboys

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“You could always just tell me. Save us a load of trouble.”

Dalton tensed up all over, and Herschel was sorry for it. “Tell you what?”

“What it is that scares you in the night. Who it is you call ‘fucker’ in your sleep.”

“I can’t, Hersch.” Dalton’s head stayed down, those shoulders just hunched damned near up around Dal’s ears. “If you knew…”

“Everyone does shit they ain’t proud of, Dal. God knows, when I was a youngun I did some stupid shit.”

“This wasn’t just stupid, Hersch.” Dalton fumbled, hands landing on Herschel’s thighs, one leg sliding over his so Dalton could turn and straddle him. “Please. Please, just…”

The kiss was clumsy, a little desperate, and Herschel understood. Dalton wanted him to make it go away. Was asking him to help the memory fade.

Hell, if Dal wasn’t going to talk about it, there wasn’t no sense in it ruining the night. He grabbed that tight little ass and squeezed, rubbing Dalton up and down on his lap.

“Oh.” The little sound was so hot he could hardly bear it, and Dalton clutched at him, humping madly.

Herschel rocked right back, his hips lifting, his bare cock rubbing against Dalton’s warm, fuzzy balls. Their chests slapped together as the kissed, their tongues meeting in a wild kiss that felt bruising in its intensity, just like the blow to his chin.

Well, except this made his dick hard, made him want to shout and twist and come. Christ, it was amazing. His fingers dug into the flesh of Dalton’s behind, and Dal wiggled, pushing into his touch. One finger slid against Dalton’s asscrack, slipping between those warm cheeks, and Dalton moaned for him, the sound like the best kind of porn, the kind that really got you off.

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