Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SciFi: A Million Pinpricks

This is not a new story, in fact this was one of my first ever publications, and is as yet my only true SciFi release, presently available as a Single Shot Classic.

Taylor Sterling has everything under control. He’s young, wealthy, and he’s got his own small spaceship, leading a mission to collect astronomical data.

He’s got Joel, too. Joel’s his main engineer as well as a friend, and their relationship's quickly becoming all he could ask for. When a bad decision leads his ship and crew into real danger, Taylor learns that having it all isn’t as easy as he thought, and that it takes only a split second to lose it. Can he and Joel survive his mistakes?

Joel understood me so well, so I guess it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that during our last mission I had become more than just friends with Joel, yet somehow it was. In the past my relationships -- or, more accurately, one-night stands for mutual relief -- had been no more than passing fancies. I had never really been friends before with anyone I’d had sex with.

This was so different for me, and for a time I was afraid I’d made a terrible mistake. By then, Joel knew me pretty damn well. He knew my proclivity in the bedroom and I knew he shared it. He was well aware what my past was like when it came to sexual partners, and that I’d never had anything remotely approaching a relationship. I couldn’t imagine that throwing sex into the mix could have any effect other than to damage our friendship, but he soon showed me how wrong I was. It didn’t spoil our friendship; in fact, I felt closer to him than ever.

So now I had a much more enjoyable way to utilize part of my spare time. I still wanted to learn, but now I took private lessons from my engineer instead. Not that Joel was the only one teaching and I was the only one learning, hell no. It was more that we each felt we needed practice, as much practice as we could get.

Unfortunately, it wasn't something we could indulge in too often, but at quiet times, when I knew we wouldn’t be disturbed, I allowed us both the luxury of some private time together.

My cabin wasn’t very big, but for two determined men there was room enough.

It was the third night since we’d arrived on station and Joel and I were lying naked in my narrow bunk, facing each other, fingers casually caressing. I liked times like this, when touch was more important than words.

Joel, though, liked verbal communication and as he ran his hands up and down my arms, he murmured, “What do you think you need more instruction in?”

My voice was husky as I answered him. “I think I need you to show me again how it feels when you’re inside me.” I could just imagine how dark my eyes were as I stared at him, wanting him so much.

He pushed me onto my back and leaned over me. I held his glance for a moment until of one accord our lips met in a heated kiss. Gasping, I pulled back, then began to lazily pepper his body with kisses and gentle nips.

“What about when I do this?” Joel questioned, suddenly swooping down and licking my shaft.

I jerked and without thought automatically spread my legs. Joel drew a moan from me as he nibbled at the tip of my cock before kissing it. He threw a quick glance up at me and my belly tightened at the heat in his gaze as he took me in completely.

“Oh yeah, God, Jo. Teach me. More!” I exclaimed.

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