Monday, December 13, 2010

Sandalwood and a Potato

Ali Wilde & I have another contemporary to share today: Spice It Up:Sandalwood and a Potato

After a chance meeting in the food court of Summerset Mall, Nathan Smith, a corporate bank employee, and Skyler Hawkins, the proprietor of a New Age store, have their well organized lives disorganized. Nathan drops his wallet, Skyler returns it and the scent of sandalwood lingers long after Skyler disappears into the crowd. The memory of Nathan’s eyes and voice haunt Skyler.

Of course, nothing happens without a reason and the two meet again. Despite their differences, they find similarities and agree to a fulfilling and meaningless relationship. Even if meaningless does appear to be meaningful, and one party finds themselves falling in love while the other denies it with difficulty. And one really shouldn't miss the other when things go bad... should he?

* - No potatoes were harmed for this story ;o)


Sitting at his desk the next day, catching the occasional vague scent of sandalwood -- must be in his hair from the incense, damn it -- Nathan was once again indulging in fantasies of Sky. If he could just rid himself of the smell of sandalwood... He swore under his breath. Sky had done it on purpose, he just knew it. The man was nothing but trouble.

"Nathan?" Angie's voice interrupted his fantasy. Thank God. Why couldn't he be into girls? They had to be less trouble.

"Yes." He tried to smile instead of snarl.

"There's someone to see you. The guy from Sky Hawk in the mall." Angie smiled widely. "He's cute."

Nathan looked at her sharply. No, she didn't mean anything by it. But, even so, he almost told her that Sky was gay. "Wouldn't know," he said vaguely, and pretended to consult his appointment book. "Thank you, show him through please."

"So this is where you hide during the day." Sky walked into Nathan's cubicle as if he owned it and looked around. "Uh-huh, just as I expected. Bland." He dropped the folded T-shirt on Nathan's desk. "Thanks again."

"Sorry, I didn't decorate it in a New Age motif." Nathan tried to keep his growing annoyance in check. "Thanks for returning this." He opened a drawer to his desk and slid the T-shirt into it.

Sky shrugged. "A couple of posters to lose yourself in when you get stressed and a photo of your boyfriend on your desk. That's not a lot."

"I prefer to keep my personal life private." Nathan scanned his cubicle's blank walls. "I don't need the distractions."

"Mmm." Sky perched on the edge of Nathan's desk. "And you know I'd make sure the photo of me was distracting."

"Why would I have a photo of you?" Nathan's voice dropped to a whisper. "You're not my boyfriend."

"Yet. C'mon, Nate. They have to know you're not straight." Sky nodded his head toward the front counter.

"I don't care what they think." And Nathan truly didn't care. Sure, there were bound to be rumors about him. He was a private person and those were fodder for people like Angie and Deloris. They were new to this branch and, thankfully, had not been around during the time of Nathan's messy break up. Those that knew about Pete were tactful about it and didn't gossip. "Please get off my desk. This is a bank not a lounge."

Sky gave a theatrical sigh and slid off the desk. "You need to chill, Nate. The other night when you were drunk... when we fucked, you were fun."

Nathan started drumming his fingers on the desk. "Well, now I'm sober."

"And no longer fun." Sky blew Nathan a kiss and sauntered from his cubicle.

"Fuck," Nathan mumbled to himself as he watched Sky leave.

So much for friends with benefits -- he was too boring for Sky. Just fucking perfect. Opening the drawer, Nathan took out his shirt. Making sure he wasn't being watched, he smelled it. Laundry detergent -- not his brand -- and a hint of sandalwood. Sky must have had it in his store. Nathan shook his head, the fold was all wrong. Figured. Even Sky's shirt folding annoyed him. It would drive him crazy if he didn't fix it. As he shook out the shirt, multi-colored star confetti showered the desk. Thank God no-one saw that. A note had also fallen out of the shirt. Nathan picked it up and wondered how Sky could manage to piss him off further with a note. Busy Saturday? Dinner and a fuck? Call me. Sky. There was a little heart next to Sky's name. Feeling his cheeks flush, Nathan swept the T-shirt and the stars into the drawer. The note he quickly stuffed in his pants pocket.

Author Extra:
Every page has at least one hot spot


Carole Cummings said...

*grin* I have no doubt that Nathan will hem and haw and denydenydeny, and then he'll meet Sky for that dinner-with-benfits.

Very nice. I enjoyed it very much.

Andy Slayde said...

Thank you!
Nathan can be difficult and stubborn. He needs Sky to add a little spark to his dull life.