Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Releases for December 4

Virgil Unplugs by Amanda Steiger

Shy, reclusive Virgil spends most of his time in a virtual fantasy world known only as “the game.” When he meets Kiren, a playful, kind-hearted elf with entrancing golden eyes, he remembers what it feels like to truly connect with another human being. He wants to meet Kiren in real life.

But for some reason, Kiren insists that they can’t meet, that a relationship between them would be impossible outside of the virtual world of the game. Determined to find out why, Virgil searches for Kiren himself. Can a virtual love survive reality?

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Naughty: By Any Other Name by GR Richards

Patrick and James spend every night together, and they don't even know each other's names. For years now, folksy storyteller Patrick O'Hara has been coming home to his laptop and logging on to the GayCamGuyz website. Every evening, he tunes in to a different feed. He never watches the same hot guy twice...until he stumbles across a lonely guy he calls "G." From a mere voyeur, Patrick quickly becomes a chatter, and as he and G develop an affinity that goes beyond the physical, Patrick even hooks up a webcam of his own.

Now it's December and Patrick is knee-deep in his annual Christmas reading tour. He's never admitted to G that he is the renowned Patrick O'Hara. When G shows up unannounced at Patrick's hotel room on Christmas Eve, it’s time to end the white lies. Can Patrick handle the pressure when he meets his GayCamGuy in the flesh?

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Naughty: Horny for Hanukkah by Rob Rosen

Two randy Jewish dudes, Sam and Noah, one fiercely cold Hanukkah, and a giant outdoor menorah set the scene for a chance encounter that turns blisteringly hot. Romance and religion are in the freezing cold air, both turned up to full blast when layer after layer of clothes finally work their way off. Who knew that the holidays could make a guy so horny? Horny for Hanukkah, that is.

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Nice: Concordant by J. Rocci

Officer Joshua Dabbs has been working long hours due to budget cuts and the holiday crazies, so he’s not thrilled when his patrol partner lets slip that Josh’s husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, has planned a weekend trip for two to New York City right before Christmas.

Josh hates traveling, especially around the holidays, so Garrison shows how persuasive a lawyer can be with tactics not fit for the inside of a court room. Once they’re actually at the hotel in New York, Josh relaxes after Garrison agrees to stay in for the night. Garrison has a plan, though, that results in Josh getting to open a very intimate Christmas present early.

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Nice: Knowing it by Hart by CB Conwy

Brit's life is exactly how he wants it: neat, ordered, and disciplined, the way it needs to be if anybody is going to take a thirty-two year old CEO seriously. If that means being so discreet that you're basically in the closet, then so be it.

Then, at a charity dinner, he meets the good Mr. Hart. A very drunken Mr. Hart. Who gives Brit the kiss of his life. That's all that happens, of course; Brit has got a reputation to protect. Only, he can't get Mr. Hart out of his head, and he realizes that it might be time to make some changes.

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Nice: Shore Leave by Misa Izanaki

Brann has never had a Christmas. So, when he and his lover Rune find themselves on a gorgeous planet like Korsholm, it seems like the perfect time for a little holiday fun. The only problem is that Brann prefers being on the ship to being planet-side, no matter what’s going on. Of course, Rune isn’t about to let his lover spend their first Christmas together hiding on their ship. Rune just has to convince Brann that being planet-side isn’t so bad, especially during Christmas.

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