Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Smutmas!!!

I have a Christmas Sip out from a couple of years ago called the Twelve Kinks of Christmas: Kit's been taking some very naughty pictures and sending them to his best buddy Jasper anonymously. He wants to get something going with his friend, but is afraid to ruin what they do have with making a pass. When Jasper tells Kit about the amazing pictures he's been getting online, Kit knows it's time to make his move. Will he get the Christmas gift he's been hoping for?


Kit pulled the filter down, gentling the light on the metal.



He found a bright blue filter next, humming.

A dozen nipple clamps, arranged on shiny Christmas paper.

It was perfect.

Every day for the last week and a half he'd sent a photo to jas_book@.

One butt plug made from rainbow colored glass.

Two pairs of handcuffs.

Three leather floggers.

Four French ticklers.

Five cock rings.

Six bullwhips.

Seven velvet blindfolds.

Eight vibrating sounds.

Nine leather g-strings.

Ten wooden leg spreaders.

Eleven bright red ball gags.

Now the twelve nipple clamps.




And sent from an anonymous email so Jasper never had to know.

The doorbell rang, followed immediately by knocking and there was only one person who ever did that -- Jasper.

Damn it.

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BethWylde said...

I love it. The post reminded me of the 12 days of Christmas BDSM version. I was going to post it but I can't pull up the lyrics here at work. Some friends of mine sang it recently at the leatherfet con and said everyone joined in on the 5 anal beads line. LOL