Thursday, December 16, 2010

Menage from Julia

Hey y'all!

I have a menage book out called Pictures of You. It's a yummy little tale, available in ebook, or in print in a volume called Through the Window, which combines it and Chris Owen's Pyke's Peak

Leann is an out of work photographer who sees her neighbors across the way, a gay couple, and gets interested in life all over.

I'm posting a not work safe snippet here, so go no further if it will get you in trouble. This is a little bit of Leann and her ex-boyfriend, along with her neighbors' house-sitter...

"You okay, Lee-Lee?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. That's a friend of theirs. Probably over to water the…" She trailed off, her eyes widening when Church stood up straight again and started to strip off his clothes.

"Lee? What?" Hal turned to look at what had caught her, and his mouth dropped open almost comically. "Dude, what is he doing?"

Church almost seemed to wave at her, and she could swear she caught a flash of a grin. She could see the dark shapes of his tattoos, but couldn't make them out without her long range lens.

Of course, what he was doing when he knelt up on Ryan and Shreve's big bed and pushed his hips toward the window was pretty obvious.

Leann licked her dry, dry lips. "He's putting on a show, babe. You want to watch?"

"Uh-huh?" Hal had sprung some serious wood, his cock rising up hard and hot, as pretty as any she'd ever seen. Leann almost reached for it, but thought better of it. She needed to play with him a little, really test the limits of what Hal wanted to do with another man.

"Me, too." On the other side of the alley, Church was stroking himself slowly, hand moving up and down, head back, hair trailing along the mattress. "He's got those tats. You've seen the pictures. He'd look so pretty riding you. Like a moving picture."

"Riding me?" Hal sounded like he was strangling, his hand starting to pull at his cock, just an absent motion. Unintentional but necessary.

"Yeah. His ass around you. Or maybe sucking you, all that pretty hair in your lap."


"You like that idea, babe? You want him on you? Around you? Maybe fucking you?"

"Oh, God." Hal's whole body bucked, and wetness pooled between Leann's legs, her whole body on fire.

"Me too, Hal. I love the idea. Love it." She pressed her legs together, torn between watching Church and watching Hal. "Go stand at the window, babe. Let him see you."



You can buy it here

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