Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a new Hammer short coming out tomorrow. The story of Kein, a sub whose Dom dumped him unceremoniously a few years ago, and Dom Mac, who sees Kein at the Hammer Christmas auction.

Christmas Angel, A Hammer Story
By Sean Michael

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Oliver?"

Kein looked at his old friend, twining his fingers a bit. Wylie had been gone for three years now. Three years since his lover, his Master, his best friend had come to him, hugged him, and told him it was over.

Just over.

No drama. No fireworks. No meanness.

Simply a quiet, "I don't love you anymore, Kee," and then an "I'm sorry."

Two weeks later, Wylie had moved out of the house, leaving him with half of the furniture, one of the cats, and a hole in the center of his chest.

The men at the Hammer had been angels to him -- Oliver and Jack had stayed with him for days, Marcus took him out for lunch once a month without fail, and the boys all invited him along for the Wednesday subs night. Still, he wasn't sure this was going to work. Him. At the annual Christmas auction.

He wasn't ready for sex -- especially not pointless, random sex with someone who pitied him.

"I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't believe it was a good idea." Oliver patted his hands.

"But... No one wants me, Oliver, Sir. No one. And I can't... I haven't. I don't even remember how." There was something wrong with him. There had to be.

"You don't remember how to be a sub?"

He shook his head, starting to hyperventilate a little. He didn't remember how to be anything. He worked at the art supply store. He went home. He loved on his cat. He counted it a victory that he didn't cry anymore.

"Kein." Oliver's voice had a bite to it, drawing his attention. "This isn't just a good idea -- you need it. And I promise someone will bid on you."

"What if they don't?" he whispered, searching Oliver's eyes. "What if Wylie told people there was something wrong with me and I wasn't good enough?" He'd asked all his friends the same question again and again and again.

"Wylie was an asshole, but he wasn't a total asshole." Oliver gave him a hug. "And I promise someone will bid on you."

"I'm scared." And way too close to hysterics for his own good.

Oliver pulled him in and hugged him. "Kein. I'm serious now. You stop that. You're a good man."

He wanted to believe that.

He did.

He'd do this, for the Hammer, for Oliver. He'd stand there, serve someone for an hour, then go home.

"Clean yourself, inside and out, and wear something sexy. And be here a half hour early."

Kein nodded. "I'll try."

"Good boy." Oliver gave him another hug. "You're going to do fine, because this is what you were made for. To be a sub, to serve. It makes you complete, and it's been far too long since you had that."

He wished he could believe that.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Oliver."

"You will, boy. And it'll be a good day."

Kein didn't answer that.

He couldn't.

This'll be available tomorrow at Torquere Press.

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