Saturday, December 18, 2010

I couldn't miss uniform day!

This is from Worn With Pride, which was originally in the Men in Uniform anthology and is now in my Dog Tags and Cowboy boots print compilation.

Man, they had some shit.

Rig pulled another box down from the top shelf in the closet, hunting an old pair of scrubs from back in nursing school. He seemed to remember them being perfect -- not too big, not too small, not too itchy. Just right.

If he could find them, then he'd be able to order more for his hospital rounds.

He'd found a bunch of shit. Pictures. Newspapers. Medals. Some of Dick's old video games. Some "Guns and Ammo" mags of Rock's. Lots of shit.

He'd lost his shirt about a box and a half ago.

"Man, where are those fucking things..." These were recipes and shit from Momma. Nothing he needed, but nothing he wanted to toss either, shit.

He climbed back on another box, hauled himself up again, using the closet rod for balance. Sure as shit, one of Rock's old dress uniform jackets came slip-sliding off its hanger, damn near knocking him over. Shit.



He almost fell, tugging the jacket on rather than letting it fall to the floor. God knew it was probably like some esoteric Marine law.

If the uniform touched the floor, the world would end and they'd cancel your pension.

Or burn your house.

He'd just grab this one box and then put the jacket back where it belonged.

"Shit, don't tell me it's spring cleaning time alrea..." The gruff voice faded and he turned to find Rock standing in the doorway. "You joining up?"

"Huh?" He turned, looking under one arm, hands around the box. "No. God, no. It was going to fall and I'd already climbed up here." Like they'd take his skinny ass.

"You should have called for help, you know." Rock growled a little. Overprotective asshole. "But I appreciate you not letting the jacket fall."

Rock came up, wrapped those big hands around his waist and lifted him down from the box onto the floor.

"God, you're still so fucking strong." He turned, smiling up into those amazing blue eyes.

Rock beamed at him, fingers staying where they were, warm and solid on his hips. "You know it."

"I was looking for..." Something. He'd been looking for something, damned if he cared what that was right now. "Hey, Blue."

Rock chuckled, the sound rich and deep. "Hey." Rock's hand slid up along his chest, pushing the jacket off one shoulder.

"Mmm. Careful. Don't let it fall." The inner lining was slick, cool, sort of sexy against his bare skin.

"No, never that." Rock winked at him, bending to bring their mouths together, tongue pushing into his mouth, invading.



Hungry, beautiful fucking marine.

Former marine.

Retired marine.



Jason said...

big grumpy Marines! Who can beat that?

Susan said...

love me some Marines, oh yes I do, but I love me some Rig even more!

kaytee said...

I'm with Susan, love the Marines, but love Rig even more.