Monday, December 13, 2010

A flash from the past...Riding Heartbreak Road by Kiernan Kelly, NWS!

On the first day of Smutfest, my true love gave to me...

A flash from the past. Here's a snippet from my very first novel though Torquere Press, a golden oldie if you will, the "chaps" scene from Riding Heartbreak Road.


Brent licked his lips, tasting Jake on them. He trotted swiftly to their bedroom, returning a moment later with their standard equipment. Standing in front of Jake, he bit his bottom lip, looking from Jake to the lube and the condom that he held in his hand, and back to Jake again.

Brent knew that Jake knew what he was asking. He didn’t ask often, usually being content to go along with Jake’s way of thinking. But Brent needed him this time, maybe more than he’d ever had before. The stress of the trial was getting to him. It showed in the shadows beneath Brent’s dark brown eyes, in the two small furrows that constantly creased the skin between his eyebrows, and in the worry that seemed to follow him like a shadow.

Leaning forward, Jake pulled down Brent’s sweatpants and underwear, helping him step out of them. Brent’s cock was at full mast, stiff and reddened, and Jake pulled it into his mouth for a few moments. He ran his hands over the firm muscles of Brent’s calves and thighs, then up over his ass. After a few minutes of delivering sweet torture, his lips released Brent’s length and he flicked his blue eyes up to meet Brent’s dark ones.

Brent still held the lube and the condom, and he moved to hand them both to Jake, who made no move to take either from him, instead smiling his boyish, half-cocked grin and shaking his head. He rose from the sofa, kicked off his jeans and ran lightly into the bedroom, disappearing for a few moments, much to Brent’s annoyance.

When Jake emerged from the bedroom, he was wearing his black Stetson, his brown leather chaps, and nothing else.

Grinning at the surprised look on Brent’s face, Jake knelt on the floor, resting his chest on the red leather of the sofa cushions. He folded his arms and laid his head down. His knees moved apart, spreading his ass cheeks a bit and giving Brent a glimpse of pink puckered heaven.

Brent growled, a deep sound that came for his chest and opened the condom. A moment later Brent’s fingers, coated with lube, prodding gently at Jake’s asshole.Brent bent over and began kissing Jake’s back as he slipped a lubricated finger deeply into Jake’s tight ass. He had always tried to respect Jake’s preference, knowing how strongly he felt about playing the bottom. He tried to save such requests for when he needed Jake most, and this was one of those times. But when Jake had walked out of the bedroom in nothing but his hat and his chaps, Brent had nearly lost it.

He recalled thinking that the first time he’d seen Jake cowboyed-up, as the Texans referred to it, ready to ride a bull called Heartache Road, Brent had fantasized about fucking him in just this exact outfit. Wondering whether he’d ever mentioned it to Jake, or if he was just that tuned in to Brent’s desires, he moaned, practically drooling. The sight of Jake’s pale round ass framed in stark contrast by the dark brown leather of his chaps nearly had Brent coming without ever having to touch Jake.

As always on the rare occasions when he found himself allowed the pleasure of delving into the deliciously hot tightness of Jake’s rear end, Brent found his own cock quickly engorged to nearly bursting and his patience with foreplay swiftly dwindling down to none. Now, faced with his ultimate fantasy, the longing to plow himself into Jake’s ass became nearly overwhelming. Still, he fought his urge to bury himself between Jake’s pale cheeks just long enough to spend at least a few minutes getting him ready.

One finger became two and two became three, slipping and twisting deeply into Jake’s ass, his other arm wrapped around Jake’s waist as his hand stroked his cock. He continued to lay kisses down along Jake’s spine, then nipped lightly at the ivory flesh of his ass cheeks, leaving a trail of crimson marks rising to the surface of Jake’s skin. Only when he had Jake writhing and wriggling against the leather of the couch did Brent finally allow himself the pleasure of removing his fingers and pushing himself past the ring of muscle that guarded Jake’s body’s most personal spot.

Brent’s fingers slipped beneath the band of Jake’s chaps, as he slid his cock deeply into the fiery hot, silky-smooth walls of Jake’s channel. “Jake!” he groaned, “Oh God, Jake…”

“Ride me,” was Jake’s only answer, growled over his shoulder as he lifted his ass a bit and arched his back. It was exactly what Brent needed to hear at the moment.

Slamming his cock in to the root, Brent’s pelvis slapped mercilessly against Jake’s ass as he drove himself in to the hilt and withdrew, only to ram in once more. The pace he set was fast, hard and unrelenting, and his orgasm boiled up from his balls in record time. He spilled himself, but his frenzy didn’t end with his climax.

Brent withdrew from Jake’s ass, snarling, and roughly flipped him around so that Jake sat on the floor with his back to the sofa. Brent couldn’t remember ever being this turned on before, so excited that even the shuddering climax he’d just achieved did not assuage his lust.

He virtually attacked Jake’s cock, wrapping his fingers tightly around it and nearly swallowing him whole.

Jake fisted his fingers into Brent’s thick dark hair, nearly pulling it out by the roots as Brent’s mouth sucked fiercely on his cock. His hips thrust upward as he fucked Brent’s hot, wet mouth. Pulling out of Brent’s mouth at the last possible moment, Jake allowed Brent to jerk him off, covering his lover’s face with his come.

They lay back against the sofa, shoulders touching. As Jake’s heartbeat and breathing returned to normal, he looked solemnly over at Brent, whose face was still smeared with the white trail of his semen. “It’s the hat, ain’t it? A body’d think you city boys ain’t never seen a cowboy before.”
You can get your copy of Riding Heartbreak Road here!


Carole Cummings said...

Holy smokes! I think I'm going to have to go and put your backlist on my wishlist. *fans self*

When Jake emerged from the bedroom, he was wearing his black Stetson, his brown leather chaps, and nothing else.

I. Loved. That. *grin* And I think this might well have been the first time I've ever read, 'Ride me,' without diving for the back-button. So many try, and so few actually manage it so well. Wonderful snippet. Thanks! :)

VThompson said...

Damn, I think I need a cigarette... and I don't smoke! I love cowboys!

Kiernan_Kelly said...

Thanks, y'all! :)