Monday, December 13, 2010

Excerpt from Contemporary Novella

I'd thought I'd post another excerpt, this time from my recent Contemporary novella, Revenge is a Dish. Thought I'd make this one a little more enticing too:

Kent watched as Neil walked toward him. He didn’t like the slow way he moved or the slump of his shoulders. Neil was taking on too much guilt for something beyond his control. Kent had to take his mind off it; in fact he needed to stop him thinking at all.

"Payton’s right you know, the doctor did say we ought to rest," Kent said, going to meet Neil. He took the younger man in his arms and kissed him gently but thoroughly and he felt Neil relax in his embrace. "Course," Kent added with a slow smile, "there’s resting and there’s resting."

"Yeah?" Neil smiled. "Well, bed is the place you normally rest. So if I take you directly to my bed, you can rest... afterward."

"After we talk?"

"After we... communicate."

Kent followed Neil into his bedroom which was lit only by a single bedside lamp. It was raining outside and the drapes were pulled together, however the small top window was open and occasionally one of the drapes would billow and a little diffuse light from outside would bathe the room for a moment.

"Can I make love to you, Neil? Can I show you how sure I am of my feelings for you?"

Lifting Kent’s hands to his lips, Neil kissed each one swiftly in turn. "I’d like nothing better."

Kent watched as Neil went to the bedside table drawer and withdrew a tube of lube and quickly dropped it among the pillows. Then he moved to stand by the bed, his back to it and holding Kent’s gaze, he reached up to undo a shirt button.

"No, Neil, let me do that. I don’t want you to do anything; I want to make love to you."

Neil smiled and dropped his hands, spreading his arms, the message was clear: I’m all yours.

Kent closed the space between them, taking Neil in his arms and kissing him. Kent didn’t hold back, wanting Neil to understand how sexy he was, how Kent burned for his touch. Kent licked Neil’s lower lip until Neil opened up and Kent slid his tongue inside, slowly exploring, tasting. Kent pulled him closer, wrapping his arms around Neil, who simply slipped his hands onto Kent’s ass. Even when trying to obey and not initiate anything, Neil managed to make his intentions clear. Kent couldn’t help but smile.

Kent broke their contact and with a sigh, Neil reluctantly let him go and stood back again as Kent began to slide each button through its buttonhole, gently caressing newly exposed skin each time. When the shirt was finally unfastened Kent reached for Neil’s belt, slowly pulling it from his pants. Then he popped the top button of the pants and pulled out the shirt, letting his hands drift over the warm skin at his lover’s waist as he did so. He ran his hands over Neil’s abdomen feeling his stomach muscles contract at the touch. Kent let his hands glide up Neil’s chest, loving the feel of the chest hair and skimming his hands over proud nipples a few times as Neil sucked in a breath. He pushed the shirt off Neil’s shoulders and down his arms letting it slip to pool on the floor.

Lifting Neil’s hands to his mouth Kent kissed each palm, then beginning with the right hand, he kissed and licked each finger, sucking in the ring finger of each hand before letting them both fall back to Neil’s sides. Lifting his eyes he looked at Neil’s expression, smiling as he saw flushed cheeks and half-lidded eyes and the tip of tongue caught between Neil’s teeth. Oh yeah, Neil’s brain cells certainly weren’t being used for thinking.



Carole Cummings said...

Oh yeah, Neil’s brain cells certainly weren’t being used for thinking.

*snort* Yeah, likely because they've burnt up into tiny little Neil-cinders. Yowie, what a steamy little bit. Everyone here today is melting every last one of my synapses. Now I know how Neil feels! :D Thank you for sharing!

VThompson said...

No! Don't stop there! It was just getting to the good part!

Stevie Woods said...

Thanks, Carole. I always um and ah over which bits make good excerpts, good to know I chose a good one!

Stevie Woods said...

Ooops! Sorry, V. Guess I know just where to stop to whet your appetite!