Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes to you and yours!

All of us at Torquere Press want to wish y'all the happiest of holidays and a fab new year. :D

Our authors got together to share their holiday wishes with you. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Angela Benedetti - What I'd like more than anything else for Christmas is a 30-hour day.

Berengaria Brown - My wish is that girlchildren everywhere would have equal access to primary schooling as boychildren.

JM Cartwright - My wish for us all is a world where deeds and character count before looks, wealth and popular sentiment. Doing what is right and just is hard; that's why many of us let our chances to make the right choices pass us by. Each day, let us choose the right path, however small the decisions appears. Let our lives and our actions be that tiny stone in the pond, rippling to touch the lives of others and leaving the world a better place when we're gone.

Lily Grace - I want to finish my first novel-length story!

Sean Michael - I wish for someone special for every girl and boy and happy ending for all. Under my tree, I'd like a new laptop and a year's supply of lube. :D

Aaron Michaels - My Christmas wish: More hours in the day! There are so many things I want to read and write, and just not enough time to do it all (if I want to get any sleep). Or maybe I should wish for needing less sleep. Of course, that could lead to insomnia, which is a bad thing. So yeah, my wish is for more hours in the day. Merry Christmas everyone!

Lydia Nyx - First, I want to wish a happy, healthy, prosperous holiday season to the readers and fans--those people who make being an author the coolest job in the world. I want to extend those wishes to my fellow authors, many of whom I've just met this year as I'm new around these parts, with the added wish you have many wonderful years of success in your careers. I want to wish a wonderful and prosperous holiday and new year to Torquere Press as well, and thank them for accepting my first full-length novel for publication and having enough faith in me to take me on board! As for personal wishes, I have a long list of friends and supporters I wish nothing but the best for. If I were to list them all here they'd take up the entire blog! So I'm only going to mention three specifically, although for all of them I wish happiness, health, and prosperity. First, I wanted to thank Jamie Edford, my 'unofficial agent,' who has been by my side through thick and thin for nearly a decade. She has been invaluable to me since I first got published earlier this year, and I hope someday I can actually pay her for all the consulting she does! I wouldn't be where I am today without her tireless support, advice, and encouragement. She was also kind enough not to roll her eyes at me all those times I flung myself on the floor crying, "I'll never be a real writer!" I also want to thank Michelle Wallace, who kept me connected and with my writing medium earlier this year when tragedy struck, and has continued to help me in many ways since. She's the best patron an author could ask for. And lastly, I want to thank Jodi Antonion, for being the best friend a girl could ask for and always supporting me and lifting me up. I wish the three of them, all my friends and loved ones, and all of YOU a happy, joyous, wonderful holiday, with many more to come!

M. Raiya - I wish for everyone to live as happily ever after as our characters do.

Julia Talbot - I wish for everyone to be infused with the Christmas spirit. Also, in my stocking, I would like chocolate and Tim McGraw.

BA Tortuga - My wish is that everyone is as happy and satisfied in their life, love, and career as I am. Oh, and Santa? I've been a very good girl. Can I have a bullrider to play with? Please?

Eden Winters - My Christmas wish for myself is for a call from my son, who's currently deployed, and for the restored health of three people close to me. For all of you, I wish a safe and happy holiday and a very prosperous New Year filled with love, laughter, and good books.


DC Juris said...

Erp! I forgot to get my wishes in on time! So here they are, in no particular order of importance: Continued prosperity for my fellow authors, a girlfriend :;wink::, and for people to see me as the man I know I am, not the body I'm stuck in.

Happy holidays to everyone at TQ, all the wonderful readers, and everyone else!!

DC Juris said...

Oh, and a pony. Because who doesn't want a pony?! :-P