Friday, December 17, 2010

Blinded by the Light

Blinded the day he was made, lictor Zeke barely survives in a city riddled with vampire clans who hate each other and the lictors. With the help of Tiggy, a half-creature, Zeke seeks revenge for his dead lover, and encounters two-hundred year-old Marco. Can Zeke and Marco find a purpose for their eternal existence, and can they avoid the warring clans and the impending purge from Zeke’s old lictor colleagues?

Blinded by the Light was first published in Eternal Darkness collection and is now available as a Single Shot Classic.

In this scene, Zeke and Marco have just agreed to team up.

“We should celebrate. I’ll order in.” I hear Marco’s smile as he says “I have a favorite pizza boy -- you’ll like him -- he always comes when I page him.”

I get a brief blip of the pizza boy as he arrives -- I think Marco sends it on purpose as an introduction. Tony is a knife-hipped, dark-haired boy. He’s no bright bulb, but he’s sweet-natured, and eager to please. He giggles when Marco murmurs in his ear. I can hear it, “Tony, this is Zeke. We’d like to split a pie...”

Tony's come over after his last delivery, and seems accustomed to Marco’s routine. They giggle and flirt. I can hear every word, and I know Marco knows it. Tony is sighing and moaning. I’m not sure what Marco is doing, until I get a blip of Tony, naked, dazed, and head thrown back as Marco licks his belly, trails his tongue up his chest, and nuzzles his neck. Tony is offering his neck and arching his exposed throat to Marco who is teasing him by running his lips over his collarbone, and back down his pecs. All I see is the back of Marco. He has curly dark hair, and good shoulders.

I get a mental message from Marco. Come over, Zeke. You need to feed before you can fuck. Take his jugular while I use his ass. He’ll love it.

Sure enough, Tony moans and squirms in ecstasy when Marco times his first thrust with my puncture of Tony’s flesh. His skin and vein succumb perfectly -- the right resistance and right yield. I feel Tony broadcast his desire and his surrender. His joy is almost overwhelming.

“My boy is sweet, huh?”

Perfect, I try sending, unwilling to stop suckling at his throbbing vein.

His pizza boy is delicious and quite willing. He’s on his hands and knees as Marco kneels behind him leisurely fucking, and I lie beneath his throat and feed.

He’s close to crossing over from delight and blood loss when Marco shoots his load and I reluctantly release his life-force from my compelling tugs.

His head droops and if Marco weren’t holding him up by his hips he’d have collapsed onto me.

I feel fantastic -- invigorated, strong, full of Tony’s life -- and I’m unbelievably horny. I grab Tony’s head and shove his mouth to my crotch. He’s swoony, but eager to please, and my erect prick -- for the first time in months I’m hard! -- is in his hot, moist and expert mouth. He nurses as frantically as I do when I’ve been close to death. He’s going to suck out my lost soul through my cock. I groan and cram his head against my groin. The contact is incredible -- not just a dry spell being broken -- but his sensation is radiating from him and Marco is sending his own satisfaction as he eases his cock from Tony’s tight ass. Tony is cocksucking as if his life or soul depended on my orgasm. I wonder briefly about his first lessons from Marco, but the boy is undeniably doing this of his own volition. He’s received his rush from my feeding, and his passion from Marco’s cock in his ass, but neither of us have used a glamour on him.

For the first time since Balti’s death, I’m having an orgasm uncomplicated by grief or hindered by dried-up balls. I have pleasure and juice enough to come. Tony valiantly takes me into his throat as I shoot. My passion is spiced by knowing that the same vulnerable throat was penetrated by my teeth from the outside just a few minutes earlier, and it’s his blood flowing through me that allows this throat-fucking.

I fall back and relax, dazed and replete, and enjoy what Marco broadcasts to me. Marco has his head bent down, cradling Tony, petting him as Tony strokes his own hard on.

“Good boy, come for us now. Show us you like our gifts.”

Tony spurts at Marco’s permission. Marco massages his come into Tony’s belly while Tony curls up and sobs from an excess of emotion, soothed by Marco. He murmurs to Tony comfortingly until his boy falls asleep, and Marco places him on the sofa. I’d swear I detected tenderness if I knew no better.

Marco places a hand on my wrist and leads me to the kitchen, letting me see through him the whole time.

“So? You see what my life has to offer? Tony’s a renewable resource. He visits when I summon him, loves to serve me, and goes away happy.”

Marco opens the refrigerator and gets out a bag of blood. I shudder.

“Zeke -- you took a lot from him. I keep a stash of his blood type for when I over-feed. While he’s asleep, I’ll transfuse this into his system. Don’t under-estimate the value of being able to order in when you’re wiped, weak, or just craving Italian.”

I laugh. “So you don’t have a soft spot for him?’

Marco shrugs. “Perhaps. I’d take out anyone who took him from me, but having a willing boy on call is no small thing. Especially one who provokes no suspicions from anyone. Who thinks twice about a pizza boy visiting? And he’s not my slave. I’m not like your Shelby. Tony’s free. I wipe his memory of feedings before he goes, and I leave a suggestion that returning here at the end of a shift is fun and sexy. But that’s all. He thinks he’s turning a hot trick. He always chooses to visit.”


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Ordering out for pizza taken to a whole new level.