Monday, December 13, 2010

Beth Wylde and some contemp lesbian goodness - Adult

Giselle has already posted some f/f goodness but I didn't want to leave her all by her lonesome so I'm following up with some more f/f yummies. Also for those of you looking for some of my Torquere Titles I'll be the spotlight author this coming weekend at Rainbow ebooks, all my stuff will be 20% off Sat and Sun only:
I'm also doing a really cool cover art contest to end on Christmas Eve. You can email me for details.

Now how about some hot women to warm you up. This cold weather sucks. ^_^ There is nothing hotter than a girl's first time.

Switching Sides available from Torquere Press
Lesbian Erotica

Girl meets boy...boy dumps girl...girl meets girl.

Elizabeth is the wild girl on campus, known for her loose reputation and her inability to keep a man. She strikes out once again with her newest boyfriend Brad when she finds out that he's gay. Now Elizabeth is pretty sure her luck at finding true love has run out, until she meets up with Kara.

Kara doesn't hide the fact that she's a lesbian or that she has a definite interest in Elizabeth. The only question is, is Elizabeth interested in Kara? After a bit of persuasion and an extremely hot night spent in Kara's dorm room, Elizabeth is about to give her the answer she’s been waiting to hear.

As her fingers tightened their grip I suddenly realized how Brad must have felt, but I didn’t have time to dwell on it because Kara had more enlightening news for me. "The only reason he brought you here was because he thought you were gay, too."

I gasped audibly, shocked that someone might think such a thing about me. While it was true that I had a bit of a kinky streak in the bedroom that most guys seemed unable to handle, it was obvious that I wasn’t a lesbian. At least I thought it was. "I…I…I'm not."

Kara shook her head and I shivered as I felt her long brown hair glide over my shoulder and across my neck. The feeling was distracting and more arousing than it should have been. "Are you sure?"

My voice was raspy, whether with shock or desire at this point I wasn’t sure. "What?"

Her hand moved higher until she found the inseam of my low-rise camouflage capris, and I swore I could feel my panties getting damp. "I said, are you sure?"

I nodded, but my reply sounded weak, even to my own ears. "I like guys."
Her fingers felt like magic between my legs and, as she increased the pressure just where I needed it, I suddenly wished the cloth barrier between her hand and my pussy would disappear.
"That's fine," she replied before leaning in and quickly sucking my earlobe into her mouth. "The question is, do you like girls too?"

I started to say no when she pressed the palm of her hand hard against my clit. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out except for a loud groan. She smiled knowingly at me, and something inside my brain exploded. I suddenly wanted to know if her lips felt as soft as they looked and, considering where we were, I decided to take a chance and find out.

I leaned forward, keeping my eyes open until the last moment, and focused directly on Kara. Her pupils dilated slightly in shock, and then appreciation, as our mouths met.

The first few kisses were chaste and timid. I was exploring totally uncharted territory and felt very unsure about what I was doing. Kara noticed my hesitancy and took control. Her eagerness to dominate aroused me immediately and dissolved the last of my inhibitions. When her tongue slid across my lips, I threw myself headlong into the kiss. I wasn't disappointed with my decision.
I've kissed lots of guys, and enjoyed most of them, but what Kara was doing to my mouth felt almost obscene. I was so hot I couldn't sit still. I rocked forward in my seat, and Kara's hand pressed back against me, teasing and stroking me until I wanted to scream. I arched my back and broke away with a gasp. I was on fire, and I needed to come so badly I was about to beg for it. Sudden applause halted my plea, though, and as I looked around, I noticed all eyes were on us. My face reddened in embarrassment, but Kara just looked pleased. She threw a twenty on the table, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of the restaurant behind her.

Once outside, I started to question my actions until we rounded the corner and she pulled me into the alley, pushing me up against the wall of the bar. There was nothing restrained about our kiss this time. She plundered my mouth while her hands stayed busy on the rest of my body. I felt like I was going to shatter at any minute. My knees were weak and I was afraid I'd fall, but Kara tightened her grip on my upper arms and pressed her body against mine to help hold me upright. Her hands slid under my tank top to caress my breasts as her knee wedged in between my legs. When she moved her thigh back and forth, I cried out.
"Oh God!"

"That's it," she urged as her hands dropped to my waist and encouraged me to rock against her. "Ride me. Show me how you like it."

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