Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Angel For Christmas by Lily Grace

I suppose my story, An Angel For Christmas, sort of straddles the line between fantasy and paranormal, depending on how you look at it. Sebastian is a non-solid guardian angel determined to do whatever he can to help his human charge, Kevin. 


Sebastian has done the one thing a guardian angel is never supposed to do. He’s fallen in love with a mortal. When his human falls into serious jeopardy, Sebastian descends to Earth without permission.

Kevin’s bartending job just doesn’t pay enough, his mother's hospital bills keep piling up, and now he’s borrowed money from the wrong person. He needs a miracle this Christmas season. Kevin just didn’t expect it to come in the form of an actual angel. 

Not caring that he's breaking all the rules that govern guardian angels, Sebastian helps Kevin all he can. But the consequences of Sebastian's actions could be dire for the angel, unless Kevin can perform a miracle of his own. 


"Why me? I mean, does everyone have a guardian angel? And why was it last night that you showed up?" His questions came out like rapid fire. "Does this mean that you know God? How many angels are there? You said that you wanted to help me -- what exactly does that mean? And, I hope this doesn't sound rude, but, you seem a little, um, transparent. Why is that?" Kevin finally took a breath.

Sebastian suppressed a chuckle and tried to order a response in his mind. "Not everyone has a guardian angel. Angels are assigned to humans, and not even I know why some people have guardian angels and not others. I was created by God, as all angels are, but I do not have direct contact with Him. That is not the way it works. I work under Michael."

"Michael?" Kevin's expression went from confusion to surprise. "As in the archangel?"

Sebastian smiled. "Yes. He is the leader, if you will, of all the angels and serves as an intermediary between God and us."

Kevin nodded and Sebastian continued. 

"There are many angels. We are created as the human population expands and there is a need for more of us. I was assigned to watch over you a while ago." Sebastian didn't know if he would ever have the courage to tell him the exact reason Kevin was assigned a guardian angel. "But last night was the first time I descended to Earth to come to your aid. I could sense that you were in trouble."

"So, you can come to Earth whenever you want?"

"Not exactly." Sebastian looked down and scrunched his hands into his robes. "An angel is supposed to receive approval from Michael before descending to Earth."

"You got Michael's permission to help me?" 

"Not exactly." His voice wavered. "I should have, but I did not. There was not any time. I... I came to Earth without permission." He slowly raised his head to meet large, questioning, beautiful eyes.

"Y-you broke a rule... to help me?" Sebastian watched as Kevin dragged a hand through glossy strands of chestnut hair.


Kevin shifted closer to him on the couch. "Why?"

"I..." Sebastian couldn't lie, but he didn't think he could tell the whole truth, either. "I wanted to help you. I did not want you to get hurt. I have watched you for a while now. I like you." He could feel his cheeks flush, and he ducked his head.

After an excruciating silence, Sebastian forced himself to raise his head. Kevin was staring at him, mouth slightly agape. Sebastian could almost see his brain working overtime behind his confused and shocked gaze. 

"But, to answer your other question," He made himself continue. "you are right. I am a little transparent." A forced chuckle made its way passed his lips. "And I do not think you could ever be rude. I am not mortal. Therefore I cannot take solid form while on Earth."

"So," Kevin's brows knit and his hand slowly reached out. "I can't touch you?"


"Oh." A look that bordered on disappointment flashed across Kevin's face. He looked undecided, and his hand hovered a few inches from Sebastian's robes.

"It is all right. Go ahead." Sebastian held out his hand, palm side up. He nodded at Kevin's hand and then looked up with an encouraging smile. 

Gnawing on his bottom lip, Kevin met Sebastian's eyes and swallowed. His hand moved closer until it hovered over Sebastian's. Sebastian's breath stilled, despite knowing he wouldn't feel anything. Kevin's hand would go right through Sebastian's, but the thought that Kevin wanted to touch him thrilled and moved him beyond words. 

Slowly, Kevin's fingers moved in to touch. They both gasped in unison. Kevin's eyes bugged out his head as his fingers passed through Sebastian's. Sebastian's heart sped up. He had felt that. Not exactly felt it, but Sebastian's fingers had... tingled. That wasn't supposed to happen, and he had no idea what it meant. He forced himself to look calm, though he felt anything but.

Happy Holidays to all!!

Lily Grace


Susan said...

How did I miss this one? I loved your 'Just a Summer Fling' and this one sounds fabulous.

Lily Grace said...

Thanks so much, Susan! I'm so glad you liked 'Fling' and so happy this one appeals as well!

Happy Holidays!