Friday, October 29, 2010

Our authors chime in on their favorite halloween costumes!

Sean Michael- Zorro… the gay blade

Giselle Renarde- Lydia from Beatlejuice--two years running!

Maia Strong - Ephiny from Xena: Warrior Princess. I made it and the Amazon mask to go with it. It's pretty freakin' awesome, if I say so myself.

Kate Roman - A Ford Edsel. No lie! I painted up a lovely cardboard box, with
windows, a little steering wheel and a spare tire drawn on the running
board, and in case anyone had questions, I wrote in big black marker:
"EDSEL" on the back.

I was eleven. You can imagine my nickname for the rest of the school year... :D

MD Grimm - That's a hard one...I'd have to say my favorite costume would be the Grim Reaper costume I actually "designed" myself. I got an actually scythe from my uncle who actually used it to cut wheat as a child. I also have a featurless "man mask" like in those Halloween movies, except without the hair. I have a cape as well. Add a shrunken head and bone neckless and I got myself a class-A Reaper costume.

Nerine Petros- My most favourite costume ever, and we don't really ever wear them here in Australia, was one my younger sister wore to a Uni themed clubbing night out. She went as a gumnut baby from Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

DC Juris - My favorite costume ever was this awesome werewolf costume I wore two years ago. The mask has one side of the face that looks like it's been burned or almost scalped. Very gory looking. :-) I wore it with...wait for it... a flannel shirt and jeans. Because I'm creative like that. LOL

Mychael Black - The best one I've personally ever worn? A dead bride--complete with my mother's original wedding dress and veil. My hair was sprayed white, my face was white and gray. It was awesome!

Kiernan Kelly- Ooh, my favorite costume? Mine or someone else’s?
My favorite costume was one I made for my eldest son when he was young. It was during the days when Teenage Mutant Turtles were very popular, back in the mid-eighties. Turtle costumes abounded, a dime a dozen, but of course, my son wanted to be Shredder. No one, and I mean NO ONE made a Shredder costume, so we had to do it ourselves. We made the spikes on his costume out of soft foam rollers, sprayed silver. It was amazingly realistic. He loved it, and we kept getting stopped along the trick-or-treat route by people asking where they could buy one!

Tory Temple-- My mom glued garbage to paper plates, put the plates on our heads, dressed us in black plastic garbage bags, and my brothers and I all went trick or treating as bags of trash. It was awesome.

BA Tortuga – When Galen wore chaps for Shane. Or when Coke and Nate from Roughstock wore matador costumes to work… oh, you mean mine? Hmm. I want to go as the Mad Hatter this year.

Julia Talbot- Hmm. I went as Bo Peep one year. The boy at the time went as a sheep

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