Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Releases!

Torquere Press is pleased to announce the release of a new Single Shot, two Sips and a Single Shot classic.

Single Shot:

Shifting Perspectives by Nerine Petros

As the only butcher in his outback town, Oliver knows the locals well. After all, most of them are shifters. When a new group moves into an abandoned ranch nearby, Oliver is more intrigued than worried, especially once the strangers place a standing order for a cow per week.

The town pack decides to live and let live, but Oliver wants to know more about these Waangoo newcomers. Why are there just five men? Why does the pack beta make Oliver's assistant so belligerent? And above all, why can't Oliver look away from the strangers' alpha, Angus?

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Throw me a Bone by Stevie Woods

Malcolm is shocked and hurt when he realizes Guy is seeing another man. He believed they were happy and he was waiting, not always patiently, for the time they could move in together. Guy has no idea that Malcolm knows about the other man and Malcolm is trying to decide what he should do. He dreads giving up the man he loves, but doesn’t believe he can possibly share him with someone else.

Then Guy changes their plans at the last minute and invites Malcolm to his place for dinner, informing Malcolm he has something to tell him. Malcolm fears what that might be, but can he force Guy to be honest with him?

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What to do on a Friday Night by Misa Izanaki

In order to distract Itsuki, Aoi coaxes his lover into a game of strip scrabble. Itsuki doesn’t think that words are fun or sexy but Aoi thinks differently. There are certain words that turn Aoi on, especially in Itsuki’s super sexy voice. The only trick is getting is lover to say them.

Originally in Torquere Press' Toy Box: Words.

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Single Shot Classic:

The Scantlebury Demon by Tracey Shellito

Sworn to protect her lover, Englishwoman Josephine, Egyptian Kheper must pose as a manservant to do her job. Called in to investigate the ghost of a prominent British family, medium Josephine is suspicious, and Kheper is desperate to keep her love safe.

When a séance threatens to go horribly wrong, Josephine and Kheper must use all of their skill at deception and their knowledge of the paranormal world to stay one step ahead of the demon who would destroy them. Will Kheper be able to make the ultimate choice in time to keep them all alive?

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