Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Releases for October 13

Now I Could Drink Hot Blood, A BBA Menage Novel by AR Moler

Special Investigative Services agents John Benchley and his lover and partner Evan Garrett from "And Hell Itself Breathes Out" are back with another case from the files of the otherworldly and unexplained.

In "Now I Could Drink Hot Blood", they join forces with a psychic assigned to the FBI, Dr. Gabrielle Dichenz, in order to track a killer. Their latest case finds them with bodies piling up and all the clues defying everyday logic. The victims in their case have had their throats ripped out by something toothy, and all of the bloody samples left behind catch fire in sunlight. Any other investigators would be baffled, but John, Evan and their team are far from normal. Can they solve the case before the death toll sky-rockets?

Meanwhile, their new team member, Dr. Dichenz, has problems of her own in the guise of an abusive lover, a situation that John finds untenable. He insists on doing something about it. Will his efforts help or hinder Gabrielle sort out her personal demons? And can John protect Gabrielle from a psychopath and a monster without losing his lover Evan?

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Youthful Gods, Book One: Pretty Pleasures by J. Rocci

Greg Barton has worked at the renaissance faire for years, but it’s Greg’s last season so he’s determined to live it up. Lucky for Greg, Boone, the hot traveling armorer, remembers Greg from previous years and returns his interest. The two reconnect and Greg finds himself tumbling into Boone’s bed, dangerously close to losing his heart.

Only, there’s something not quite right with Boone. From the way Greg kept dreaming about Boone in the off-season to Boone’s overprotective friends, Greg’s light-hearted romance quickly gets heavy. When Greg wakes up to an unexpected sight beside him, his entire world is up-ended. Magic is real and his new lover has more secrets than Greg ever imagined. But Greg has a few secrets of his own, and he has to decide if he wants to be a part of Boone’s world. If Greg has a touch of magic himself… Well, that world just got a whole lot more complicated and dangerous for both of them.

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And Hell Itself Breathes Out by AR Moler

Evan Garrett is a psychic DC homicide cop, and his latest case is triggering all his instincts. When one murder becomes two, he can't help but start connecting the dots, putting cases and clues together. He's not the only one, though. John Bentley, director of Special Investigative Services, a tiny government agency attached to Homeland Security which deals with darker realities, and his team are soon on the case, and they bring Evan and his special skills on board.

Both bisexual, Evan and John find they are attracted to each other, even as they work together to solve this string of murders which keeps growing in scope. Their serial killer seems to be moving toward darker and darker deeds with every murder and ritual performed. Can John and Evan find solace in each other, even as murderous men and demonic forces threaten not only their own team, but the city as well?

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