Monday, August 16, 2010

guess that book

Sometimes we (meaning me, Lorna, and the other owner, Shawn) play the, "What if there was this guy" game.

In fact, that's how most of our stories come about, and how most of the synopses for later cover art and blurb purposes are formed. It's certainly not an exact science, and more often than not it leads to hilarity.

So, I've taken four of Torquere's most recognizable titles and transcribed the blurbs into "What if" style. Can you recognize them? Answer correctly in the comments and we'll pick one random participant to win a coupon for 20% off their total purchase!

Here we go!

1) What if there was this guy who was in love with his brother's best friend, but this crazy serial killer is ruining the matchmaking mood?

2) What if there was this guy whose truck breaks down in the rain and then he gets into a fight which leads to hot sex and a lifetime of love and trouble?

3) What if there was this really hot bottom who works as a blacksmith and says "screw you" when someone suggests he should leave his lover when his loses his legs?

4) What if there was this guy who isn't supposed to be keeping a ferret as a pet, not to mention that whole Dr. Doolittle thing...


Answers accepted until noon (12:00 pm) mountain standard time on Tuesday! Then we'll pick a winner. Have fun!

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Julia said...

Is this thing on? The answers were A Promise Kept, Bareback, Forged and Keeping Karma