Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wish Us Luck at Book Expo

Webmaster Larry and editor KIL Kenny are off to New York City tomorrow through Sunday for Book Expo America, the premiere trade show for the book industry. If you're attending, stop by and see them! Booth 3962.

Our objective this year is to promote all of our various lines, from the Top Shelf to BBA (our menage line) and Prizm (our Young Adult line). We're focusing hard on independent bookstores and libraries, as well as supporting the ladies at All Romance Ebooks with their think green, read E campaign.

As always, we're aiming to bring gay and lesbian romance to the forefront of the industry!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

recent reviews for TQ books


Our overworked review coordinator posted a whole slew of reviews over at our Social Livejournal. Rather that do all of her work over, I'll just give y'all the link!

Head over and click through to some of the fabulous review sites that are so good to us!

BBA title gets a kudo!

noted romance novelist Rebecca York has this to say about Lauren Burka's BBA Novela, The Memorial Garden

In MEMORIAL GARDEN, Lauren Burka, has created a world of decadence ruled by an empress who values her own pleasure far above the lives of her consorts. Full of erotic and ironic twists and turns, this story creates a tapestry of sensual surprises and forbidden pleasures.
Rebecca York **

Here's the blurb!

Sofian grew up to a privileged but empty life on a backward world until the Empress called him to serve her at the Celestial Court. When he arrived, he discovered that he would be serving her in bed, and that he would not long outlive the day she discarded him.

Then he meets Numair, a former consort of the Empress. They become increasingly entangled under the shadow of their shared fate, and their relationship blossoms. Will they learn the difference between need and love before time runs out for them?

Here's the buy link!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're not dead, and a wrap up of Romantic Times

Hey y'all!

The blog is not dead! I've just been swamped, and frankly a little at a loss with what to do over here! We have the social livejournal, the Twitter, the Facebook, the Yahoogroup, the MySpace. It's a little dizzying.

Grins. Somehow a blog seems more formal, more serious. I think I may be showing my age there, huh?

At any rate, we've been swamped since we got back from Romantic Times, but I did want to share some of it with y'all!

We got in Tuesday and caught up with Vincent Diamond and Chris Owen. We were all a little lagged and settled in, just having a blast and waiting for stuff to start. Wednesday we had the electronic book signing in the evening, where Kiernan Kelly joined us, and we got to meet the fabulous Jen McJ, who came by to see us all in what would otherwise have been a very slow night.

In fact, the whole con was slow. Tory Temple came in Wednesday night, just in time to come to the fairy ball Thursday night, which despite us all dressing up as trashy Wizard of Oz characters, was surprisingly underattended. I have to assume the economy really has a lot to do with people not showing up and not costuming. We had fun, though, and got to meet up with artist Alessia Brio and partner Will, and Lori and Barb from All Romance Ebooks. We couldn't eat any of the food (darned allergies) and by the time it was done, we were ready to go have a glass of wine and play some pool. The redneck fairies will be back to jeans again next year, I promise.

The next high point was Saturday. The booksigning was slow, by all accounts, including the big names. We did get to see Elaine, though, which is always fab! Unexpected, too! Tory and Kiernan did well at their first RT, and we all got a little love from the fans, as well as meeting new people.

The best part of the whole weekend was the mass trip to Disneyworld! Kiernan knows all the ins and outs of the park, and we had a ball! You haven't lived until you've taken a load of gay romance writers on Pirates of the Carribean!

Anyway, here are a few pics to make you smile!

Julia Talbot after Kiernan painted her eyes

BA, almost ready for the ball

Kiernan, ready to get her flying monkey on

Chris as Steampunk Dorothy and Kiernan as a flying monkey

Tory Temple as the scarecrow

BA at the booksigning

Julia at the signing

Tory Temple at her first RT!

Chris Owen, in the June Cleaver dress of joy

Kiernan Kelly, getting her promo on!

Anyhoo, I'll try to keep y'all updated better! That's all for now!