Friday, May 16, 2008

guest blogging by Anah Crow

Anah Crow did some guest blogging over at Jessica Freely's blog! You can check it out here:

Here's a little excerpt:

"Over at the Torquere Press Social LiveJournal, Jessica brought up the
question of how the writers got started writing, and how the readers
got started reading, m/m fiction. And, of course, I opened my big
mouth. This got me invited to bring my speculations over here to
Jessica's blog for a guest spot.

I've been writing m/m fiction for 27 years, that I can remember. In
fact, queer fiction is about the only thing I've ever written. I
wasn't raised in an environment that even recognized queerness in any
way, and I didn't dare write anything down until I left home. After
that, it took some years until I found out that other people not only
wrote like I did, they read the kinds of things I wrote as well. As
Jessica noted, it was a bit of a coming out for me, some ten years
after I came out as queer in my personal life."
--Anah Crow

Anah is the author of The Look of a King, a Top Shelf Novel, and the Queen of Swords Arcana with Torquere Press. You can find Anah's books here!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Saints and Sinners write up

Shawn and I headed off over the past weekend to New Orleans, dragging webmaster Larry with us.

Ah, New Orleans. The food. The Jazz. The humidity.

While my hair tried to take over the world, we dropped books off at the bookstore, met up with TQ editor and author Vincent Diamond and authors Jay Lygon and Shanna Germaine, and basically had a ball.

Saints and Sinners is the premiere GLBT literary festival in the US, and they'd asked us to come down this year, and put Shawn on a panel called "It's Not Just New York, Baby"

We dropped off books at the bookstore, spread the promo around, and talked to people about Torquere and about the new YA line, Prizm books.

The panel was about how small presses, e-book publishers and academic publishers are changing the face of publishing, and about how we can do what New York can't.

Most of the crowd at Saints and Sinners were a little e-book nervous, so Shawn did a lot to explain the process and the benefits of e-book publishing. We also talked a lot about gay romance as opposed to traditional gay erotica or gay lit, and quite a few people showed some interest. Fellow author Jolie du Pre put in a good word for m/m romance and erotic romance as a viable market, and we learned a lot about what the gay lit world is up to.

Vincent did a reading, which we missed, as it was at the same time as our panel, but by all accounts, it was a good one, so way to go Vincent!

It was great to see Jay Lygon, who is always a hoot, and made a great partner in crime when it came to the erotic romance corner of the room (or the shallow end of the pool, as we called it)

Shanna Germain was lovely, and it was great to meet her in person.

All in all, I think Saints and Sinners was a great networking opportunity this year, and we really enjoyed meeting everyone and talking shop. We gave out a lot of book recs and talked y'all up.

And hey, what's not to love about cafe au lait and beignets with your conference?