Thursday, December 20, 2007


to all of the authors who finaled in the Eppie awards!

Specifically to Olivia Lorenz, Jodi Payne and Jenna Jones! Jay Lygon also deserves kudos for being so close that they announced Chaos Magic as a finalist before whisking the honor away...

If you haven't read Ghosts, For Better or Worse, Chiarscuro or Chaos Magic, you can find them all at

The EPPIES are a great idea. I love the thought of an award strictly for ebooks. I have participated for several years in planning the conference, judging in categories our books are nominated in, and flat out helping.

I have reservations about them, however, which is why I won't be attending EPIC this year.

However, rather than rant and ruin my authors' well deserved joy, I'll just say congrats!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Advent Calendar 2007!

See all the free fiction, recipes, and author anecdotes! New post each day! See the first few days now!