Thursday, November 29, 2007

on writing

a lot of people ask how the folks who write novels manage to do it

The answer is simple. Write. Daily. It doesn't matter what you write, or how much. Just write.

Every day.

Learn to manage your time.

Write a lot. Write nonsense. Write grocery lists. Everything you write is practice.

Just write.

Monday, November 26, 2007

top five things to make sure you do when you submit a manuscript

1) Make sure your manuscript is clean. Get a crit partner, a beta or your husband. Make them read it. Make yourself read it a few months after it's done. Make sure it makes sense, and that your grammar and spelling is spot on. In this fast past world of publishing, the publisher will choose a clean manuscript over a messy one, even if the messy story is better...

2) Do your research. Your editor has 50 books to read. You have one written. Yes, they will try to check your facts, but if you're writing about firemen or cowboys, space aliens in the Roswell era or Medieval knights, it's your responsibility to make sure that an expert in that field could read it and not have their head explode. ;)

3) Send a professional cover letter. No YoYoYo! or rambly discourse. Just a hello, here's my manuscript, it's about blah, here's my full legal name and contact information. Make sure it's spell-checked. Nothing will make a manuscript an editor hasn't even read go in the no pile faster than a poor cover letter.

4) Okay, your book is clean, you know your story, and your cover letter is a gem. Write a synopsis. No, not a teaser. Tell the publisher what happens, all the way through. Do not dangle a carrot that never appears. Do not write a second book. A page or two, outlining the characters and the plot. Make sure it's not so clever that it makes no sense. Make sure it's not so boring it puts an editor to sleep. This is your hook. This is what a publisher uses to decide if they'll take your book.

5) Finally, KNOW YOUR MARKET. Do not send a Christian YA novel to a hardcore erotica publisher. Do not send a hardcore BDSM book to an inspirational romance publisher. If you're checking out publishers, go to their website, read their blurbs and samples. See if your book fits. A publisher will not read your book, no matter how brilliant, and make an exception if it doesn't go with their theme.

A little planning can make your book a success!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Review of Angels Come to Visit by Dianne Fox

What a great review!

"wonderful character development"

Keir is an incubus that has had some hard problems and became an outcast in his own world escaped to the human world four years before. When he left so many didn't understand why, including his mother. His mother thinks that if she sends his close friend Christophe to ask him to come home that maybe he will listen to him. So Christophe finds Keir and tells him he must come home because his Mother needs his help. Keir had never felt he was right for the realm because he didn't think he could give what was needed, an heir. But that doesn't matter when his mother needs something done in the human world, and if his mother thinks he is the right person for the job, then Keir must try. Keir never in a thousand years thought that he would be sent to do this for his mother. And that he would be lucky enough to be part of a team with Christophe. Christophe is a mighty hot fire demon that he has known since childhood but the feelings he brings out in Keir are pure "Heat". Can Christophe and Keir accomplish what they were sent to do? Will what they feel for each other be enough to show Keir that he is what they need back home?

Wow, I loved the way Dianne Fox wrote Keir in this wonderful story. How he wasn't perfect, that to me brings realism into this story. I loved the way Dianne wrote Keir and Christophe's growth from childhood friends to much, much more. I sure hope I get the chance to read more by Dianne Fox because I feel she is an up and coming great in the publishing world.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 20, 2007

see the whole review here!

Torquere Press' Top Ten Bestsellers

Let's see.

Why not introduce this blog with a little ode to the bestsellers of gay and lesbian romance press Torquere Press?

Hey, it's easy for me to do right now when my fingers are so cold I can hardly type...

1) Bareback by Chris Owen -- Jake and Tor are an enduring couple that readers love. They ranch, they ride, they fight... What's not to love?

2) The Jardheads Series by Sean Michael -- there are a lot of books here. That's because Rig, Rock and Dick reach into your heart and don't let go

3) Stormy Weather series by BA Tortuga -- Galen is a big redneck. Shane is his sweet and insecure lover. They make for hot love!

4) The Thatcher Brothers series from Julia Talbot -- The Thatcher Brothers have 3 books, and Ross and Jed and their assorted men and family will leave you smiling

5) Off World seires by Stephanie Vaughn -- Amazing sci-fi/space opera

6) The Soul Mates series by Jourdan Lane -- werewolves, vampires, crosses between both... uhn

7) On Fire by Drew Zachary - Who doesn't love firemen?

8) Heat and Flashover by Tory Temple - Firemen, too! Chance and Tucker are scorching

9) In the Strangest Places by Willa Okati -- Oh yeah. Tattoos and motorcycles

10) Need by Sean Michael -- If you have to read one gay vampire romance, go for this one!